What is the story of the scientific miracle in Islam?

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May 6, 2022

What is the story of the scientific miracle in Islam?

By Sameh askar oct. 21. 2016

The story began with the stories of the narrators and storytellers at the era of writing who conveyed the Prophet’s prediction of the events of the end and the signs of the Hour..but also his prediction of the fate of the caliphate state..In fact, they defined it more by mentioning the caliphs in order in a manner believed by the Sunnis and the group..

I mean, the idea of scientific miracles itself is old, and because it has a good impact on the hearts of Muslims, the masses have believed it.

The idea of miracles remained in this (the novelist) way until the shock of modernity came in the 19th and 20th centuries, and Muslims discovered a huge difference in strength in favor of the West, as well as in science and discoveries.

After the occurrence of this shock, it is natural that there will be resistance.. Indeed, violent resistance to Western modernity has taken place, and the concepts of “Western conspiracy – Westernization – atheistic tide” have spread…

accompanied by the resistance to colonialism..

And because the Arabs love mixing and deception, they confused the two phenomena of colonialism and modernity, and thus civilization itself became a conspiracy.

As for the scientific miracle in its current form – which tries to reconcile between the religious text and modern science – it appeared after the failure of the Arabs and Muslims in their battle against modernity, meaning that its appearance was just a (reaction) to the spread of technology and scientific thinking, that is, the traditional Muslim was in his heart certain that There is a real crisis between science and religion, and his efforts in the cause of miraculousness were to convince himself nothing more..

As for the West, it treated Muslims’ efforts in scientific miracles with contempt and sarcasm, and how many times did one catch the leaders of the miracles lying and deceiving scientists and the results of their research, and in the end, this reinforced the weakness of Islam as a religion until atheism spread among the Muslim communities in the West, including among the Arab youth..

In short, this story of the miraculous caused a great atheism, and it was necessary to pay attention to the warnings of the ancients, such as Taha Hussein and Amin al-Khouli, and the latter in particular was shouting in every assembly to warn of the danger of the miraculous against Islam as a religion. Mixing them together means the end of Islam at least their version of islam.