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May 17, 2020

Quran life in Progress
My name is QADHI TAYEB AZDI and Welcome to Quranation.

Ideas, are carried through different medias, print, television, radio, music, Books, pamphlets and the Internet, influencing groups and individuals, encouraging unity in some contexts and fragmentation in others.

We may live in what has been famously called the era of the ‘network society,’ while the traditional Muslim world, living in an enclosed shell haven’t realized that the era of ignorance and censorship has ended with the arrival of the internet platform. These issues are not new and they are for a matter of fact old and suppressed issues. Quranic interpretation has been shackled for centuries by the conventions of medieval jurists, who had mastered the craft of chaining authoritative commentaries to prior authoritative ones and of creating genealogies, or chains of traditions of authoritative learning, diluting gods message, privatizing it. our intent is to replace this long tradition of misinterperting the Quran with human reason.

On issues ranging from the role of women in society to rekindling a ‘creative interaction’ with western philosophies. we argue and strive that traditional Muslims should reinterpret sacred texts anew and apply them to contemporary social and moral issues: “If Islam is sound for all times and places,” then we must not neglect historical developments and the interaction of different generations.

We must act as if “the Prophet just informed us of this Book and passed away yesterday, so we must read it with critical thinking of today.” our ideas directly challenge the authority of traditional Quranic exegesis (tafsir), collections of sayings of the prophet (hadith), and Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) ,that act like prison walls, limiting decisions to a collective group.

the term (qira’a), which can mean either reading or interpretation, rather than the term exegesis, which directly evokes the established conventions of traditional Islamic learning from which we advocate a decisive break. For many traditional Muslims and established men of religious learning, we argue that traditional disciplines of learning such as exegesis have implicitly acquired an authority equal to that of the Quran itself and override it if needed. As we explain, the four conventional schools of Islamic jurisprudence say little about isolation, tyranny and absolutism, although they deal extensively with rules for inheritance and ritual cleanliness, and little about education, humanity, thinking, assimilating with the world.

because we proclaim faith in Islam as a worldwide, belonging to everyone, but advocate a critical stance toward established conventions of authoritative learning. our approach goes to the heart of current debates about how to interpret Islam in the modern world.

This school of thought vigorously offers an innovative approach to interpreting Islam and its relation to other faiths, prophetic tradition, the controversial (hudud ) ‘limits’ of Islamic law, women, and political Islam—including a head-on confrontation with advocates of tyranny and terrorism. And this is why we are here. To set the record straight from the source and helping traditional Muslims specifically, to realize that extremism, fanatical ideology is not in the Quran…

but rather interpretations and policies and teachings of religious scholars, together we will perform exorcism on crooked ideologies to purge religious scholars’ rotten teachings to its rightful place, the garbage bin …

Because there is a need to reinterpret ideas of religious authority and tradition, and to apply Islamic precepts to contemporary society. Yet popular resistance to such challenges to established authority has also been intense. Our goal is to redefine how traditional Muslims and the west alike think about religion and sacred authority. In thisseries of videos, weboldly confront controversial issues and at the same time link the fundamentals of faith—and not just Islamic faith—to critical reason. This channel is a portal to critical reasoning thoughts for the English-speaking world offering a strong argument for a civil society that encompasses both traditional Muslims and the west alike, lifting the fog, to think freely and away from the servitude of so-called Islamic scholars, especially the followers coming to the west carrying 1400 years of traditional nonsense. Our mission is:

1-raise awareness among traditional Muslims about the difference between following the main source of Islam the (Quran) & following a man made religion guided by strayed religious clerics.

2-Raise awareness among the western world (English speaking non-Muslims) interested in Islam at least from a knowledge stand point, that they have more in common with Islam than they think and to correctly deal with today’s deceived traditional Muslims.

3-Counter response & correct Islamophobic groups and broadcasts, that are supported by ignorance, spreading fear & misinformation, about Quran & Islam for their own private agenda.

This channel is dedicated to all those throughout Islamic history past and present, whom paved the way studying the Quran & believing in logical critical thinking and sacrificed themselves to revive the thought that we can be free from the shackles of religious servitude, forwarding ideas to us, and a special dedication, gratitude and thanks to our mentor Dr. engineer Mohammad shahrour, who passed away on December 21st 2019, we say rest in peace, you’ve lit the torch and we have received it, and the march is on.

Quranatin Quran life in progress

Quran life in progress

I am Q. Tayeb Azdi and this is Quranation and thank you.

“It is easier to build a skyscraper or a tunnel under the sea than to teach people how to read the book of the Lord with their own eyes. They have been used to reading this book with borrowed eyes for hundreds of years”