Abrogating the sciences of the Qur’an into the hadith

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May 7, 2022

Abrogating the sciences of the Qur’an into the hadith

Point: The jurists have adopted the disruption of free ijtihad by creating a special religion that is limited to them or their own system that they deal with, and even if they differ between them, everyone is united against those who help reason and ijtihad….

So they resembled their religion to some extent like the image of the Book of God, so it took (the sciences of hadith) about six centuries to gather, form, expand and crystallize, as one of the first obstacles was preventing the companions from transcribing hadith and relying on the Book of God as it is known, and at their head is Omar Ibn Al-Khattab.

Nevertheless, the hadiths remained alive and spread, and they combined with invented lies, and with other factors that contributed to their spread, the most important of which was Al-Shafi’i’s saying that the Messenger is the author of the two revelations and in this way they met their desired effect in excluding the people of opinion,

as this interpretation became the key or power (of agency) a distraction and a statement of what they would call With jurists to enslave people and rule them in the name of God…

With the gradual closing of the Islamic mind and its dominance under the name of hadith, because whoever denied the hadith was an infidel, a renegade, and an outcast, so the prophetic text, antiquities, news, narrations and gossip stories in the hadiths became the main and the basis for explaining their intentions and policies and reflecting life or, rather, separating According to the mood of the ruler and the political situation, and an aura of sanctification was placed on it for two reasons, which is to protect the narratives from the sway of criticism because it is a defensive system and the center of safety is (the past)….

The so-called sciences of hadith are similar to the sciences of the Book of God in terms of rank and giving them an equal value. Therefore, we find from their invention:

The science of the abrogating & abrogated Qur’an = the science of the abrogating & abrogated hadith…

The science of revelation reasons of verses = the science of the reasons for the statement of hadith

The general and the specific in the Book of God = the general and the specific in the hadith.

Strange of Qur’an = Strange of Hadith

Interpretation of the Qur’an = explanations of the hadith

So the people became bound and governed by this system, and the final seal for imposing their opinion is the party (consensus of scholars) under the obedience of the ruler, knowing that there are other opinions available, and we do not know who they are, how, and which counsel, or time happened, and it has become an authoritarian party, a sword in the hands of the ruler….

And now, with the emergence of the Internet platform and freedom of thought and opinion, the corrective movement and renewal began from every place and levels, and people gradually awakened from their slumber and embraced the current of reason, logic and free thought…

And the only weapon of the jurists is the threat, the threat and the generation of the guilt complex, but it is old and outdated….

How long do they think that mental slavery will continue?