Because The Clergy Cannot Be Sued For Negligence

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June 29, 2020

Because The Clergy Cannot Be Sued For Negligence

by – Jahamy

There is an argument that is often canvassed by those who insist on absolute acceptance of the views and opinions of clergy – whether they are called priests, samiyars, ulamaks, ustads, fathers, sisters or brothers, gurus and so on – that these are experts.

The argument is since they are the experts, you have to accept their views unquestioningly. They further argue that when you are sick, you see the medical expert (doctor), when you have a legal problem, you see the legal expert (lawyer), when you car breaks down, you see the mechanic and therefore, on religious issues, you see the religious expert. Sounds logical ? No, actually. Consider the following reasons why I say such an argument is without basis and full of holes.

Firstly, every religion have their experts. If you are required to absolutely follow the views of the experts…then which expert do you follow? The Christian expert, the Hindu expert, the Judaist expert, the Islamic expert ? Which expert ? Each of these experts have completely different understanding on the path to the same God.  So, the argument that you accept what a religious expert tells you unquestioningly crumbles!

Secondly, even within the same religion, their own experts have diverse views on the same topic. So, again which expert does one follow unquestioningly ?

Thirdly, the comparison with non-religious experts such as doctors and lawyers to religious experts such as ulamaks or priests is inaccurate and misleading. Doctors and lawyers have no problems at all if you seek the advice and services of other doctors and lawyers. In fact in many instances, they insist you do so. They do not pretend to be the absolute authority in their field and will not in a frenzy condemn you to eternal hell fire if you reject their views. Their attitude is simple – they share their knowledge and expertise with you and seek you to make up your own mind, even if it’s on a matter of your life and death.

This is not the case with most religious experts – they hold themselves out as the absolute authority and will seek to IMPOSE on you their views and understanding. They may even condemn you to hell fire or decreed that you have lost your soul or that you are a disbeliever of God simply because you disbelieve their understanding.

Lastly, which is very important is this: you can sue the non-religious experts like doctor and lawyer for negligent advice. How in the world do you sue the priest or the ustad or the samiyar if he had given you “negligent” advice. How do you sue him if his views had been completely wrong?

So – why do most of these people have a fetish for compelling others to accept their views unquestioningly ? Think about it….that is if you want to and capable of independent thinking.