I personally do not claim to be an authority over any particular specialty, discipline or thought other than to sincerely present you with what I feel are clear arguments as a result of sustained ardent academic research during my life. Research is an ongoing endeavor and I am always open to better use of evidence and sources of arguments. I am a mere servant of God with all the inherent weaknesses of a fallible human being.

Anything true that I share is a blessing from God. All mistakes are only my own and my soul shall bear the brunt of any transgressions on the Day of Judgment.

If it is your intention to solely follow an authority of a particular line of thought, then I humbly submit that this website, its purpose and its content may not be for you.

It is a complex web of acquiring information and I believe that It is often a case of traversing these stepping stones with an open mind / heart and indeed moving on when the time is right.

My work (my humble effort) is merely a small piece in this immense web. Please take anything from it that is good and move on from anything that you do not find convincing.

My work represents my own personal journey and seeking a path which represents ‘truth’. It is solely intended for free thinkers and those with critical thought. Those who are prepared to engage with the Quran for themselves to understand its message through sustained endeavor and seeking guidance from their Creator alone.

I humbly request the reader to analyze the arguments presented with complete sincerity, an open mind and to verify all the claims for themselves with no other motive other than to seek the path of truth. Please do not follow me or my work blindly.

Please accept or reject the claims based on the veracity and strength of the arguments, the evidence submitted and not merely on the grounds that it may not represent a popular majority view or the view of a particular scholar or preacher. The majority view may not always be correct and no authority or authorities have exclusive claim to ‘the truth’, whatever that may be.

The Quran remains the final source of judgement and the ultimate authority for all true believers.


This is a personal, non-commercial web-site for educational purposes only.

I, alqadhi altayeb, the administrator, accept no responsibility for third party reliance on any views, expressed or implied in any of my work or commentary which may appear anywhere on this web-site, or on any other web-site with or without my knowledge.

My purpose, is simply to pass on ‘some’ of the free thinkers work to the wider public with a view to facilitate in the main, a better understanding of the Quran’s message and to empower readers to conduct their own analysis and verification.

In particular, this site remains primarily a cue for fellow ‘believers’ not to accept blindly the religion and interpretations of our forefathers but to subject our ‘inherited’ beliefs to critical scrutiny and intellectual rigor.

It is within the grasp of most of us to utilize our ‘critical thinking’, a gift that is given to us by the one God, the Almighty.


With the exception of referenced material that may be cited from other sources, all the material contained within this website is a result of my own personal ardent research, translations of Arabic articles and ideas of Arabic writers that haven’t been translated into English yet and endeavor over numerous years.

It has been presented in a form which I hope, should remain easy to follow by a wide readership. I shall continue to retain complete ownership of such content on this site.

You may freely copy, download and distribute the articles provided they are in a complete form (not edited) and the following source information is provided: www.quranomic.com or it’s author.

You may also share, cite excerpts from the articles, providing context is maintained and an adequate reference is provided back to the original article that has been referenced.

It is expressly prohibited to make use of any of the content on this site for commercial purposes without my prior written consent including any illustrations that I have provided.


I am not responsible or liable for any material which may be found on external websites from which you may have acquired access to this website or any material that may be found on external websites which you may have accessed via links from this website. 

At no time is any content of this website intended to infringe copyrights in any form. Excerpts have been at times used and quoted for strictly non-commercial, educational purposes and under the Fair Use copyright policy.

This policy allows excerpt reproduction of copyrighted material for non-commercial, educational purposes.

If at any point it is found that the material contained within this website is an infringement of such rights, please notify me (see contact details) with the relevant information. Such material, if deemed appropriate will be removed immediately.

Please notify me by email of any broken links that you may encounter (quranomic@gmail.com).

this aknowledgement page is credited to joseph a. islam. with minor changes for personal words to encompass & convoy my thoughts to the readers