Dealers of Religious Opium

article picked 4U by - Ahmed Mansour

June 22, 2020

The Sheikhs/Clergymen of the Muhammadans Are the Dealers of Religious Opium  
by- ahmed subhi mansur
Published in March 10, 2020
Translated by: Ahmed Fathy      

Firstly: the terrestrial religions are the opium of the masses; they cause the loss of awareness:

1- This is a true story: a drunkard returned home late at night; he feared he might wake up late for work; he knocked at the door of his neighbor, telling him that he would knock at his door tomorrow at 7 a.m. so that this neighbor would wake him up to reach his workplace on time! Apart from smiling, one realizes that drunkards are those people who have temporarily lost awareness or consciousness; they are grateful for anyone or anything that makes them sober up and regain awareness or consciousness; they know that their addiction to alcohol and/or illegal drugs is something harmful.

2- Recently, we read a piece of news about the fact that the current head-sheikh of Al-Azhar (i.e., Dr. Ahmad Al-Tayyib) visited Uzbekistan and stood reverently and within piety before the mausoleum of Al-Bokhary. This means that this head-sheikh of Al-Azhar has lost his awareness or consciousness because of the religious opium since he has worshiped pieces of porcelain, glass, wood, metal, and curtains of such a tomb. Even if we suppose that Al-Bokhary is buried in this tomb, he turned into some bones and dust; it is like the dust we tread upon with our feet; why would a reasonable person worship some bones and dust?! The corpse of Al-Bokhary and any other corpses of the so-called saints in their tombs can never be alive and cannot being harm or benefit to their worshipers. The head-sheikh of Al-Azhar (whose title is the ‘Grand Imam’!) did not pause for a minute to think and pose these two questions: What is the link between Uzbekistan and the Hejaz where Yathreb and Mecca are situated?! What is the link between the era of Muhammad (who died c. 10 or 11 A.H.) and the era of Al-Bokhary who died in 256 A.H.?! The septuagenarian head-sheikh of Al-Azhar, whose 80th birthday is drawing near, is unaware and unconscious since he believes in the hadiths-book of Al-Bokhary and the ‘saint’ Al-Bokhary whose ‘holy’ mausoleum he worshiped. Those addicted to opium and to wine (i.e., the alcoholics) sometimes sober up; in contrast, the head-sheikh of Al-Azhar will never wake up or regain awareness or consciousness. By the way, opium has its benefits in the field of medicine; in contrast, the religious opium has no benefits at all and it causes the biggest loss on the Last Day. Those addicted to opium may be grateful for those who preach/advise them or wake them up; in contrast, if one would read some Quranic verse to preach the head-sheikh of Al-Azhar, he would condemn and denounce one as an infidel/heretic who deserves to be put to death for apostasy.      

3- In the early 1990s, in Cairo, Egypt, we delivered a speech in a meeting inside a mosque to discuss how the hadiths fabricated by Al-Bokhary undermine, ridicule, and cast doubt on the Lord God, the Holy Quran, and Muhammad. Among the attendees was a huge, tall man who looked at our person with despise and fury. This man interrupted our speech suddenly and screamed at my face and said how we dared to utter such blasphemous words; when we told him calmly that these are not our own words but are found in the Al-Bokhary hadiths, the angry man demanded how come that Al-Azhar clergymen/sheikhs remain silent regarding blasphemous words inside Al-Bokhary book, we told him calmly that when we faced them with the truth that Al-Bokhary is an enemy of Islam, we got fired from Al-Azhar University. The angry man demanded how come that the Egyptian government allows such a book to be circulated, sold, and taught, we told him calmly that we were imprisoned twice because we criticized Al-Bokhary in public. Suddenly, this angry man stood up and left the meeting after screaming at our face while saying that we are a cursed blasphemer and a disbeliever! This is the normal result of waking people up from the religious opium; they find no way out of their being embarrassed but to attack and verbally abuse our person; this is the reaction of the unaware Muhammadans to our Quranist ideas preached in the last 40 years.    

4- In Egypt, the Wahabi televangelist/sheikh named Al-Huweiny, before he has recently received the commands from ‘superior’ bodies to shut the f*** up, delivered a ‘serious’ sermon on TV about urging the youths to invade the West and take its wealth as spoils and enslave its women! Al-Huweiny did not pause for a minute to think and pose this question: How?! Sadly, the cyberspace is filled with videos of other madmen like him who allow the so-called sex jihad and bestiality and also to allow having sex with one’s own mother and daughter and raping virgin young women and girls! When such madmen or sheikh have been recently told to shut up, they adhere to silence now. Their devilish fatwas reflect the religious opium that shows they have lost awareness or consciousness; they are detached from real life; their fatwas are issued from their minds which are controlled by the religious opium to which they are addicted for many years.    

5- Europe remained in the dark ages when the Europeans disregarded their minds and surrendered totally to the Church and its clergymen; the Europeans at the time were addicted to the religious opium of the masses; in the Renaissance, they woke up and freed themselves gradually from the dominance of the Church; this was the first step that caused leaps of progress in science and advancement in knowledge that have influenced the entier human race later on. The bitter European experience with the Church of obscurantism is summarized in Karl Marx’s famous phrase in his seminal book titled, in German, (Das Kapital): (religion is the opium of the masses). Of course, we may be allowed to insist on modifying this phrase to make it more accurate: (the terrestrial religion is the opium of the masses). When any given terrestrial religion of Satan dominates and controls any given society, it is like a destructive opium; it has destroyed Europe for centuries until the Europeans woke up; of course, the terrestrial religion of Satan still destroyed the Muhammadans until now and they are still blundering in their transgression.    

Secondly: the Divine, Celestial Religion is an awakening to the mind:

1- In contrast to the terrestrial religions of Satan, the Divine, Celestial Religion is an awakening to the mind, awareness, and conscience. This is why several Quranic verses contain these verbs: understand, reflect, discern, see, and remember.

2- There are several Quranic verses in which the Lord God questions and discusses with the polytheists their false, fashioned gods in order to refute their claims and they could not answer such questions. These Quranic verses are exemplified in the points below.

2/1: “Those you call upon besides God are servants like you. So call upon them, and let them answer you, if you are truthful. Do they have feet with which they walk? Or do they have hands with which they strike? Or do they have eyes with which they see? Or do they have ears with which they hear? Say, “Call upon your partners, then scheme against me, and do not wait.”” (7:194-195).      

2/2: “Such is God’s creation. Now show me what those besides Him have created. In fact, the unjust ones are in obvious misguidance.” (31:11). 

2/3: “Say, “Show me those you have attached to Him as associates. No indeed! But He is God, the Powerful, the Wise.”” (34:27). 

2/4: “Say, “Have you considered those partners of yours that you worship besides God? Show me what they have created on earth. Or do they have any share in the heavens?” Or have We given them a book whose clear teachings they follow? In fact, the unjust ones promise one another nothing but delusions.” (35:40). 

2/5: “Say, “Have you considered those you worship instead of God? Show me which portion of the earth they have created. Or do they own a share of the heavens? Bring me a book prior to this one, or some trace of knowledge, if you are truthful.”” (46:4). 

2/6: “Say, “Can any of your partners initiate creation, and then repeat it?” Say, “God initiates creation, and then repeats it. How are you so deluded?”” (10:34). 

2/7: ” Say, “Who is the Lord of the heavens and the earth?” Say, “God.” Say, “Have you taken besides Him allies, who have no power to profit or harm even themselves?” …Or have they assigned to God associates, who created the likes of His creation, so that the creations seemed to them alike? Say, “God is the Creator of all things, and He is The One, the Dominant.”” (13:16). 

2/8: “Those they invoke besides God create nothing, but are themselves created. They are dead, not alive; and they do not know when they will be resurrected.” (16:20-21).

3- There are many other Quranic verses in the same vein; they are very clear and never require any explanation; they only require that one reads them within open-mindedness

4- Because we fear of the lives of our readers, we sincerely advise them not to preach the head-sheikh of Al-Azhar by quoting the above-quoted Quranic verses; he and other sheikhs/clergymen are the big criminals who are the dealers of religious opium. Of course, gangs and dealers of illegal drugs may cause the death of thousands of addicts; in contrast, the dealers who sell and propagate religious opium cause the death of billions of human beings and make them lose this world and the Hereafter. The dealers of illegal drugs end up in prison as per the Law; in contrast, sheikhs/clergymen who are the dealers of religious opium are venerated, deified, and sanctified by millions of people!  

Thirdly: the Quranic portrayal of those addicted to the religious opium:   
They are like those who have lost their awareness or consciousness because of their addiction to illegal drugs or opium; they are never aware of what they say or do; we have spent 4 decades of our life preaching the Quran (i.e., Quranism) to the Muhammadans, but in vain since they are never warned or they never take heed. The Muhammadans looked at our person with glass-like eyes and never saw or reflected on the Quranic insights; they heard us but never listened to the Quranic verses we quoted since the Muhammadans are both blind and deaf; their hearts are veiled and the Quranic Truth cannot reach them; their souls are screened from the Quranic Light. Sermonizers and sheikhs of the Muhammadans might have serious appearance and talk in a manner that appeals to millions of people/masses; yet, when one examines their words, one would see they are meaningless ornaments on a cold, lifeless statue; the Muhammadans and heir sheikhs never understand or discern; this Quranic verse is about the hypocrites in general: “That is because they believed, and then disbelieved; so their hearts were sealed, and they cannot understand.” (63:4); this also applies perfectly to the sheikhs/clergymen of the Muhammadans. We provide more details in the points below.

1- Those addicted to opium or illegal drugs might see/hear you with their eyes/ears but never understand, see, listen, or understand; the same applies to victims who are addicted to the religious opium: “And if you call them to guidance, they will not hear. And you see them looking at you, yet they do not see.” (7:198).

2- Hence, they are dumb, deaf, and blind since they are not aware of anything that surrounds them. This applies to those addicted to opium or illegal drugs and those addicted to the religious opium.

2/1: “And among them are those who listen to you. But can you make the deaf hear, even though they do not understand? And among them are those who look at you. But can you guide the blind, even though they do not see?” (10:42-43). 

2/2: “Can you make the deaf hear, or guide the blind, and him who is in evident misguidance?” (43:40). 

2/3: “Say, “I am warning you through inspiration.” But the deaf cannot hear the call when they are being warned.” (21:45). 

2/4: “You cannot make the dead hear, nor can you make the deaf hear the call if they turn their backs and flee.” (27:80). 

2/5: “You cannot make the dead hear, nor can you make the deaf hear the call when they turn away.” (30:52).

3- The Quranic repeated expression about those who blunder in their transgression indicates the blindness of hearts/minds/souls and not that of the physical eyes; this is a main feature of those addicted to the religious opium who are misguided victims since they choose to obey the Taghut which causes the blindness of their hearts/minds/souls and their moving astray amidst darknesses of misguidance.

3/1: This is about the call for the belief in the Quran as the Only Discourse in Islam, but the belief in Taghut makes it impossible to believe in the Quranic Truth: “Have they not observed the government of the heavens and the earth, and all the things that God created, and that their time may have drawn near? Which discourse, besides this, will they believe in? Whomever God misguides has no guide. And He leaves them blundering in their transgression.” (7:185-186).

3/2: “It is God who ridicules them, and leaves them blundering in their transgression.” (2:15).

3/3: “And We turn away their hearts and their visions, as they refused to believe in it the first time, and We leave them blundering in their transgression.” (6:110).

3/4: “If God were to accelerate the ill for the people, as they wish to accelerate the good, their term would have been fulfilled. But We leave those who do not expect Our encounter to blunder in their transgression.” (10:11).

3/5: “As for those who do not believe in the Hereafter: We made their deeds appear good to them, so they wander aimlessly.” (27:4).

4- Hence, their hearts/minds/souls are veiled/sealed with an invisible barrier that makes them unable to hear/discern the Quranic verses; their minds/hearts/souls are dominated by Satan and his opium of disbelief/polytheism.

4/1: “When you read the Quran, We place between you and those who do not believe in the Hereafter an invisible barrier. And We drape veils over their hearts, preventing them from understanding it, and heaviness in their ears. And when you mention your Lord alone in the Quran, they turn their backs in aversion.” (17:45-46).

4/2: “And they say, “Our hearts are screened from what you call us to, and in our ears is deafness, and between us and you is a barrier. So do what you want, and so will we.”” (41:5).

4/3: “Among them are those who listen to you; but We place covers over their hearts, to prevent them from understanding it, and heaviness in their ears…” (6:25).

4/4: “Among them are those who listen to you, but when they leave your presence, they say to those given knowledge, “What did he say just now?” Those are they whose hearts God has sealed, and they follow their own desires.” (47:16). This is about some of the contemporaries (or companions) of Muhammad; they attended gatherings or meetings with Muhammad and got out asking about what Muhammad had said because they, in fact, never listened.

5- Hence, it is expected that those addicted to the religious opium to remain heedless, misguided, and errant; they are in a muddle and cannot escape the darknesses of misguidance since they refuse to accept the Quranic Truth and Light; sadly, most of them wake up and pay attention only when it is too late for them; i.e., upon their moment of dying and on the Resurrection Day.

5/1: “It is they whom God has sealed their hearts, and their hearing, and their sight. It is they who are the heedless.” (16:108).

5/2: “Those who do not hope to meet Us, and are content with the worldly life, and are at ease in it, and those who pay no heed to Our Verses. These – their dwelling is the Fire – on account of what they used to do.” (10:7-8).

5/3: “And warn them of the Day of Regret, when the matter will be concluded. Yet they are heedless, and they do not believe.” (19:39).

5/4: “The humankind’s Judgment has drawn near, but they turn away heedlessly. No fresh reminder comes to them from their Lord, but they listen to it playfully. Their hearts are distracted…” (21:1-3).

5/5: “Until, when death comes to one of them, he says, “My Lord, send me back. That I may do right in what I have neglected.” By no means! It is just a word that he utters. And behind them is a barrier, until the Day they are resurrected.” (23:99-100).

5/6: “The promise of truth has drawn near. The eyes of those who disbelieved will stare in horror: “Woe to us. We were heedless of this. In fact, we were among the unjust ones.”” (21:97).

5/7: “And the Trumpet is blown: “This is the Promised Day.” And every soul will come forward, accompanied by a driver and a witness. “You were in neglect of this, so We lifted your screen from you, and your vision today is keen.”” (50:20-22).

6- The victims of the religious opium are more misguided and errant than cattle/animals as per the Lord God’s Word: the Quran.

6/1: “The parable of those who disbelieve is that of someone who calls upon someone who hears nothing except screaming and yelling. Deaf, dumb, and blind – they do not understand.” (2:171).

6/2: “…As for those who disbelieve, they enjoy themselves, and eat as cattle eat, and the Fire will be their dwelling.” (47:12).

6/3: The Lord God makes them more errant/astray/misguided than animals/cattle.

6/3/1: “Or do you assume that most of them hear or understand? They are just like cattle, but even more errant in their way.” (25:44).

6/3/2: “We have destined for Hell multitudes of jinn and humans. They have hearts with which they do not understand. They have eyes with which they do not see. They have ears with which they do not hear. These are like cattle. In fact, they are further astray. These are the heedless.” (7:179).

6/3/3: “The worst of creatures to God are the deaf and dumb – those who do not reason.” (8:22).

6/3/4: “The worst of creatures in God’s view are those who disbelieve. They have no faith.” (8:55).

7- They are not only mindless and lack awareness like cattle/animals, but also they are opiated. 

7/1: Animals are created by the Lord God for the service of human beings: “We have made the animal offerings emblems of God for you. In them is goodness for you. So pronounce God’s name upon them as they line up. Then, when they have fallen on their sides, eat of them and feed the contented and the beggar. Thus We have subjected them to you, that you may be thankful. Neither their flesh, nor their blood, ever reaches God. What reaches Him is piety from you. Thus He subdued them to you, that you may glorify God for guiding you. And give good news to the charitable.” (22:36-37). The fact that animals are created by the Lord God for the service of human beings means that huge amounts of morphine or opium are found inside their brains; they are opiated to be controlled by human beings; otherwise, they will attack and move away from human beings.

7/2: The polytheists choose willingly to fall into the trap of being controlled by the religious opium and they blindly obey and follow sheikhs/dealers of that religious opium. Any of such polytheists may be keen on saving their money; yet, once they hear the loudspeakers of a bearded man urging them to contribute money to help construct a mosque inside the tunnel of the Shoubra district in Cairo (for instance), they would readily donate while being opiated/unaware as they have lost their consciousness; they never ask about the fate of such money they have paid. Similarly, once such opiated polytheists hear the sermonizers say (Muhammad the Messenger of Allah said that…), they readily believe in hadiths and scream their praising and glorifying Muhammad; they never pause for a minute to think and pose these two questions: Who can ascertain that Muhammad uttered this or that narrative/hadith?! Had such sermonizers met with Muhammad minutes ago to narrate his words?! This means that their blindly following sheikhs/dealers of the religious opium makes them like a herd of cattle screaming and following their leader; let us quote the following Quranic verse again: “The parable of those who disbelieve is that of someone who calls upon someone who hears nothing except screaming and yelling. Deaf, dumb, and blind – they do not understand.” (2:171).

7/3: This is about cattle/animals: “Among the livestock are some for transportation, and some for clothing. Eat of what God has provided for you…” (6:142); “And the livestock – He created them for you. In them are warmth and benefits for you, and of them you eat. And there is beauty in them for you, when you bring them home, and when you drive them to pasture.” (16:5-6). The ‘venerable’ sheikhs/clergymen ride/control their followers among the Muhammadans and suck their blood; hence, inside Hell, the Muhammadans will curse their superiors and dignitaries: “The Day when their faces are flipped into the Fire, they will say, “If only we had obeyed God and obeyed the Messenger.” And they will say, “Lord, we have obeyed our superiors and our dignitaries, but they led us away from the Path. Lord, give them double the torment, and curse them with a great curse.”” (33:66-68).  

Lastly:  The clergymen of the Muhammadans are dealers who sell the religious opium, thus shaping the ‘minds’ of the Muhammadans and filling them with abominations; because of such clergymen, the Muhammadans now are the worst creatures and the worst Umma/community that ever emerged among humanity!
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