Do we accept the Sunnah according to the people of hadith?

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June 19, 2022

If the definition of the Sunnah is everything that has been reported from the Prophet, whether it is saying, deed, or declaring, then it is obligatory to deny it for a number of considerations, including:


The Sunnah mentioned in the revelation is the Sunnah of God Almighty and not the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad


The revelation negates the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad


What the Prophet Muhammad or other prophets said outside revelation, is only in their capacity as human beings, and it is governed by place, time and persons, and it is not appropriate to apply it in our time.


What was issued by the Prophet outside revelation may be right or wrong, as he is a human being like you and me, And what was issued by him outside revelation is not religion


God Almighty defined the role of Muhammad with the message, warning, good tidings, testimony and example, And he did not give him a Sunnah, neither he nor the prophets who preceded him, Rather, his role is to teach the believers the Book and wisdom


The conversations you said 3 years ago, you may not be able to remember them while you are the owner and it came out of your mouth, It is impossible that after 200 years people wrote the hadith of the Prophet and they weren’t even there !


One of the first to write the hadith of the Prophet Malik, and collected only 600 hadiths out of 10,000 considered false, Then whoever came after him found tens of thousands of so called hadiths

Then they found hundreds of thousands

Then they found a million

Al-Bukhari denied 600,000 false hadiths and accepted only 6 thousand

imam Muslim denied some of what Al-Bukhari accepted

Al-Bukhari denied some of what imam Muslim accepted

Al-Bukhari and al-Muslim were unable to deliver one complete Friday sermon by the Prophet

While we were able to convey the secrets of the Prophet’s house, sexual details and family habits.

imam Ahmed came after them and accepted 30 thousand hadiths

Out of a million hadiths, only 200 repeated

And the rest are singles on which no belief or jurisprudence is built on, However, the majority of the Sunni religion is from the hadiths of the Single narrations, not from the mutawaatir, and not from the Qur’an


The Prophet forbade writing hadiths

Abu Bakr forbade writing the hadith and its narration

Omar forbade writing the hadith and his narration

Ali forbade writing and narrating hadiths

hadith spread in the age of strife


The Musnad of Abu Hanifa has 200 hadiths Mutawatir , al-Daraqutni has 200 hadiths

Al-Shafi’i was known to have said that only 400 hadiths were needed for his doctrine

While the people of the Qur’an say, “the book of God is suffice.”


The Sunnah contradicts the Qur’an in many situations


The Qur’an contains light, remembrance, and details of everything a believer needs


Light says freedom of belief

While darkness says to kill whoever changes his religion

light says give alms every time you can, as much as you can.

Darkness says only 2.5 percent once a year

light says about Muhammad that he is of good character

Darkness says that he is a murderer, thief, aggressor, rapist, liar, cuckold, ignorant, not keen on implementing God’s commands, etc.

lightsays about God Almighty, there is nothing like Him

Darkness says God is a young man with a body and confined to time and place

The light calls for the oneness of God Almighty

And darkness calls for polytheism with God with Muhammad, Abu Bakr, Umar, Ali and others

So, Do we accept the Sunnah with the people of hadith? definitely NO!