Do we really need Traditional scholars ?

article picked 4U by - Qadhi Tayeb

June 20, 2020

Do we really need Traditional scholars ?
by Farouk A. Peru

Claim that for anyone to manage and understand the Quran for himself and not by way of scholars, is bound to stray away, and they claim that only professionals shall manage the Quran. All we have to do is obey what they say like slaves.

But what I have to say is :

Their claim to fame is based on chopped off verses from their original intent of a verse them translated to fit their needs

The Quran never mentions that it’s a must and only through scholars to understand Quran.

If the prophet never translated or expressed the Quran meaning, so who has the right to do so ?

By what right and standard?

And does all the quranic wealth has to flow through the scholars mouths only ?

Isn’t earth big enough with people for them to explore the Quran through daily experiences?

They say the scholars agreed upon that they are the ones to follow on everything they say ?

So why don’t they have a list of scholarly names and date and place of conference said ?

And also what did they agree upon ? Unanimously ?

What about abrogations? How many verses abrogated exactly?

How about daily prayers? That say it’s from the sunnah but yet we see different variations of prayers from between Sunnis themselves and shia’s and sufis.

If they are professionals and we are not, then what they do is there business, and not mine, so I am not obligated by them.

If we must follow the sunnah if the prophet we say : what was he doing differently?

He was wearing the same cloths eating the same food marring women use perfume take baths be a father and grandfather husband brother and he worked & he was being hygienic ….

the question is where did he learn all this things?

Wasn’t it from the society he was raised in ?

If these are all brought to us by the prophets sunnah and no one else brought these before my question is how were previous people living ? Like animals ?

Even the prophets of before?

So what kind or type of sunnah we are talking about ?

Traditions turning holy ? Exporting Arabic tradition into a universal mandatory religion theme ?

So does everyone who becomes a Muslim must dispose of their culture and tradition and exchange it for an Arab tradition and culture ?

So what about the prophets before him ?

What are there traditions that became religion ?

If they are professionals and it has to do with matters in my life, then I have first hand experience, and not them, all they offer are theories and if situations,

The Quran is for all people , yet scholars want to hold a monopoly over people that they are exclusively not charge of gods book but without power if attorney .

Scholars say they are professionals but do they know that professionals are in various degrees grades, specialties ?

So I would like to see each ones specialty certificate! Plus years of experience in that field, and for it to be accepted everywhere.

If sholars interpretations does not suite me why should I follow them ? Under what contract?

Since allahs book is for me then I’m the one who should be studying it for myself and not them, We all have different mentalities and situations so how do I guarantee it’s the best ( interpretation)

If all the scholars just follow predecessors of copy and paste as references, what do I need them for? I can look it up myself.

Who gave the scholars the right to be the sole manager of the Quran if the Quran is for all people ?

Did they know that the book of messengerhood is roughly about 1 sixth the book verses the max? The rest is Quran?

Do all of these books are to tell us what think say do ?

Let’s discuss the term professionalism, some professions are scientific that requires modern science capabilities, and it means understanding one subject.

But to scholars in their minds they think they have the rights to regulate humans behaviors completely, according to a single background of a handful of people who lived before 140” years , so we ask them , who regulated these people before Islam? And if many were a mixture of good and bad and in between what different are we from them ?

All they have is what is in general outlines of personalities and never details, which gives them a lot of grounds to play with twisting and turning versions and intentions of stories, so they could pronounce fatwas and rulings that to some idiots tie it complete to allah , book, messenger.

What they claim to possess are morals if society, which is absurd and ridiculous!

They forgot we have consciousness, laws, traditions, instinct to survive not for ourselves but with our loved ones .