Exemplary or Obligatory?

article picked 4U by - ibnalqadhi

July 1, 2022

The priests of the religion say: Acting according to the Prophet’s Sunnah is binding on every Muslim, i.e. we adhere to the action of what the Messenger used to do in all aspects of his life, even if not all people had the same attributes and characteristics of the Prophet, and with this we over burden ourselves with that we have no power to do, since the action is identical to the same deed as the messenger is very difficult, the difference between people with their differences lies in culture, science, intelligence, stupidity, knowledge, ignorance, courage, eloquence, patience, perseverance, laziness, vigor and other different human qualities…

We cannot leave what God has implanted in us, which we conceal and do what we have no power to do, and the jurists themselves do not know the truth about what the Messenger did except from fragments here and there and news of he said, she said that reached them after at least 200 years, so they took this Little and made it the center of the entire religion in absentia and overlooked what God said (God does not burden a soul beyond its capacity) and said (Fear God as it is due to him) and said (Fear God as much as you can, listen and obey and spend good for yourselves)

Do these verses indicate that we are obligated to what one person does in a specific time and place, or are there different characteristics and capabilities of man.

Each works on a goal, as far as it can be tolerated and understood.

Rather, the correct understanding from the Book of God is that He knows how He created us and knows our capabilities. For this reason, God did not tie us to the restriction of commitment to the capacity of one person. Rather, He revealed to us in verses that the Messenger is for us (a good example), meaning that we are observe him working with his ability as the Messenger. And it is not that the Messenger is the exact measure of action, but he is an example and an example on what he can do with his ability that we work on with our selves in striving for perseverance and commitment…

But with this method and terminology that the priests of the religion worked on formulating and confirming it with fear and terror over the centuries, the jurists made the people their slaves to judge them….

As for me, I have nothing but a verse that I suffice with from many and which I refer to the priests of the religion:

“It is not for a mortal that God should give him the Book, wisdom and prophethood, and then say to the people: Be my servants instead of God.” [Al Imran: 79]

And God is great.

And may God curse the priests of religion….