Illusions of the abrogator and abrogated in the Noble Qur’an

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May 7, 2022

Illusions of the abrogator and abrogated in the Noble Qur’an

The origin of things is nothingness, then comes existence. This applies to everything. There was no fasting in Ramadan in Islam, then the command to fast came at a late time, so non-existence turned into existence.

The person has made statements, so the statements remain attributed to him, until proven evidence that he retracted them, and the issue is not in it, and perhaps, either the conclusive evidence is proven or the statement remains binding on its owner.

Only the people of desires, temptations and innovations benefit from the scribe and abrogated.

If you do not like a verse, then search for one of the similar verses, then say that it abrogates the first, and the issue has no restrictions,

“As for those in whose hearts there is deviation, they follow what is similar to it” — and if you do not find a verse, search in the hadiths and you will find in them what fulfills your desire.

And the hadith abrogates the Qur’an according to what they say, because they say that the hadith is the practical application of the Qur’an, even if it contradicts it.

By abrogate and abrogating, hadiths, and fabrications, the teachings of the Qur’an were lost and the Islamic religion was lost.

If you argue with a Jew, you will argue with him in the Torah.

If you argue with a Christian, you will argue with him in the Bible.

But if you want to argue with the traditional Muslims, you will not find a basis for them to rely on.

Tell them, God said, they will say the verse is abrogated, and if you say the hadith is weak, they say the narrator So-and-so said it is authentic, and if you say the hadith is authentic, they said that it is neither in Bukhari nor Muslim, and every group takes From this heritage you can make of it a religion that belongs to it, “Those who divided their religion and became sects, each party rejoicing in what they have” (Al-Rum 32).