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June 29, 2020


by – Jahamy

It easy to say that you believe in God or a Supreme Being. It is more difficult to actually try to understand what you mean when you say that. What does it mean when you say that you believe in a Supreme Being? If you care to analyse yourself (honestly and objectively) you will find that we often go through life saying things to ourselves that we do not fully understand. These things we do not understand, we repeat to others and they in turn repeat to others.

Through this process, what was never understood becomes a “reality” held by many. Since it is held by many, it then becomes accepted as the “reality” or the “truth”. It then becomes even more difficult to analyse the belief or thought objectively because subjective factors tend to block critical thinking. Example, the person who told you about “believing” is someone you love or your parents or your friends or someone you or society regard as “knowledgeable” or “good person”. All these subjective factors may be formidable obstacles in the search for “truth” unless you are focused only on letting your research unfold itself – whatever the results.

The sentence ‘I believe in God”. Is it simply a sentence? Is it simply a “feeling”? Is it simply something that you feel “right to say” and uncomfortable if you do not say it? Do you know what it entails when you say that?

Let us say you strongly believe that drinking more than 2 pints of water will make you dizzy. Most probably, you may abstain from drinking that amount. But what does believe in God make you abstain from? And how did you come to believe that drinking that amount of water will make you dizzy? Was it a personal experience? Did you validate the experience though research, inquiry and thinking?

What if you believed that you are fat when actually you are thin and thus you abstain from food until you become bulimic? Doctors say this is a personality disorder. Such beliefs can cause damage to self and to others. Unvalidated beliefs may be dangerous.

What about your belief in a Supreme being? Does that cause personality disorder in you such that you lose all sense of rationality, and common sense? To answer this question, if you want to, you have to examine your belief – what is it founded on, what does it do to you, why you believe, how does that belief manifest in reality and so on.

Just sharing. What do you think?