Just Tyrant

article picked 4U by - ibnalqadhi

June 30, 2022

What happened to the arab / traditional muslim mind is that for the sake of justice we accepted Omar’s stick, and Omar died, and the stick remained.

but, it grew and thickened.

We read about Al-Rashid or Al-Mamoun that he used to go out in disguise to inspect the conditions of the parish, so we praise him and have mercy on him without asking how many prisoners were in his prisons.

We praise Al-Hajjaj because he recited the Qur’an, and we forget that more than 66 thousand prisoners were in his prisons when he died – according to Al-Asma’i’s account.

We accepted all of that because the concept of justice is in control of our heads.

We accepted it to the extent that we invented a new concept, which is the concept of the just tyrant.

(Equality in injustice is justice)