Muslim Sheikhs and Their Devilish Trade

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June 22, 2020

The Sheikhs/Clergymen of the Muhammadans and Their Devilish Trade  
by- ahmed mansour
Published in March 8, 2020
Translated by: Ahmed Fathy  

Firstly: ordinary trade in this transient world:  It is about when people deal with one another in transactions, purchasing, selling, renting, hiring, mortgaging, investing,…etc. There are Quranic legislation’s for trade and we tackle them briefly in the following points before discussing our main topic.

1- All types of trade transactions are permissible in Islam but within mutual consent of all parties: “O you who believe! Do not consume each other’s wealth illicitly, but trade by mutual consent…” (4:29).

2- Of course, written debts or IOUs must be signed by witnesses: “O you who believe! When you incur debt among yourselves for a certain period of time, write it down. And have a scribe write in your presence, in all fairness…And call to witness two men from among you. If two men are not available, then one man and two women…” (2:282).

3- It is never permissible within Islam to employ the influence of rulers/officials/judges or governmental employees (e.g., through paying bribes) within trade: “And do not consume one another’s wealth by unjust means, nor offer it as bribes to the officials in order to consume part of other people’s wealth illicitly, while you know.” (2:188).

4- It is never permissible within Islam to force/impose lower prices below the true value of goods; this pertains to corruption which is, of course, prohibited in Islam: “And do not defraud people of their belongings, and do not spread corruption on earth.” (26:183).

5- It is never permissible within Islam to cheat within weighing goods in scales/balance: “Woe to the defrauders. Those who, when they take a measure from people, they take in full. But when they measure or weigh to others, they cheat. Do these not know that they will be resurrected? For a Great Day? The Day when the humankind will stand before the Lord of the worlds?” (83:1-6).

6- The Lord God in the Quran commands monotheists to weigh and measure justly and equitably: “And give full measure when you measure, and weigh with accurate scales…” (17:35); “…And give full weight and full measure, equitably…” (6:152); “But maintain the weights with justice, and do not violate the balance.” (55:9).

7- It is never permissible to swear by the Holy Name of Allah within trade (i.e., selling and purchasing): “Fulfill God’s covenant when you make a covenant, and do not break your oaths after ratifying them. You have made God your guarantor, and God knows what you do.” (16:91); “And do not use your oaths to deceive one another, so that a foot may not slip after being firm, and you taste misery because you hindered from God’s Path, and incur a terrible torment. And do not exchange God’s covenant for a small price. What is with God is better for you, if you only knew. What you have runs out, but what is with God remains. We will reward those who are patient according to the best of their deeds.” (16-94:96).

8- This is a warning against allowing ordinary trade in this transient world to distract one from performing acts of worship: “O you who believe! When the call is made for prayer on Congregation Day, hasten to the remembrance of God, and drop all business. That is better for you, if you only knew. Then, when the prayer is concluded, disperse through the land, and seek God’s bounty, and remember God much, so that you may prosper. Yet whenever they come across some business, or some entertainment, they scramble towards it, and leave you standing. Say, “What is with God is better than entertainment and business; and God is the Best of providers.”” (62:9-11).

9- Those who violate the above-quoted Quranic verses are criminals of two types:
(1) the ordinary criminals who cheat in their weighing scales/balance, violate the law, deceive hundreds of customers, and get punished in prison, and
(2) the big criminals who are enthroned tyrants and their corrupt, unjust men who issue laws as per their whims and desires and control the policemen, the military, the judiciary system,…etc., and they steal the wealth of their nations.

Such corrupt, unjust men who belong to the big criminals include clergymen who support tyrants and never care about the screams of innocent, wronged people in prisons; enthroned tyrants assume as if they own their homelands with the citizens in them; obsequious clergymen support such tyrannical rulers and never defend, for instance, the victims of torture. 

10- The big criminals in this case are those who desire this worldly life while being heedless and neglectful of the Hereafter since they disbelieve in the Resurrection, Judgment, and the Last Day.  

Secondly: the human free will to desire this worldly life or to desire the Hereafter:  The Lord God says the following in the Quran.

1- “Whoever desires the fleeting life, We expedite for him what We decide to give him, to whomever We desire. Then We consign him to Hell, where he will roast, condemned and defeated. But whoever desires the Hereafter, and pursues it as it should be pursued, while he is a believer; these – their effort will be appreciated.” (17:18-19). There are those who willingly choose to focus on this world and to disregard the Hereafter; they seek to gain as much wealth and power as they can; they never gain except what is preordained in their fate; they might become millionaires and then penniless, indebted men; enthroned tyrants sometimes lose their thrones by being abdicated or ousted; eventually, their fate in the Hereafter is Hell forever.
The good, pious monotheists realize the fact that this world is transient and temporary and that they are tested in this life; they seek the Hereafter by performing many good deeds within piety and good faith; they may get rich or poor; in both vases, they are content and satisfied and adhere to patience; they are thankful and praise their Lord God all the time. They will enter into Paradise and inherit the Eternal Life in the Hereafter; in this world, they wait for death while hoping to meet with their Lord God, feeling ready for this encounter by their good deeds, monotheism, and piety; they know for sure that this worldly life is a mere delusion: “Every soul will have a taste of death, and you will receive your recompense on the Day of Resurrection.
Whoever is swayed from the Fire, and admitted to Paradise, has won. The life of this world is merely enjoyment of delusion.” (3:185).

2- “And when Our Clear Verses are read to them, those who do not hope to meet Us say, “Bring a Quran other than this, or change it.” Say, “It is not for me to change it of my own accord. I only follow what is revealed to me. I fear, if I disobeyed my Lord, the torment of a terrible Day.” Say, “Had God willed, I would not have read it to you, and He would not have made it known to you. I have lived among you for a lifetime before it. Do you not understand?”” (10:15-16). There are those sinners who never believe in the Hereafter; their focus is only on this transient life; yet, they perform good deeds such as money donations to the poor/needy, the human-rights societies, and the victims of epidemics, earthquakes, natural disasters,…etc. They gain fame in this world and they are rewarded/repaid by the Lord God only in this world; their wealth would increase and they feel happy, satisfied, and content. Yet, because of their disbelief in the Lord God and in the Hereafter, they will enter into Hell for eternity.

3- There are those sinners who disbelieve in the Resurrection, the Last Day, and the Hereafter and their focus is only on this worldly life: “And they say, “There is nothing but this our present life; we die and we live, and nothing destroys us except time.” But they have no knowledge of that; they are only guessing.” (45:24). This means that they engage into ongoing struggles for owning and hoarding the possessions of this worldly life and they have no conscience or moralistic values; they care only to become as wealthy as they can regardless of the means and the number of victims caused by their relentless endeavors and fierce competition. When they die, they lose everything they gained in this transient world; they get a big zero, but their biggest loss is in the Hereafter since they lose the Eternal Life in Paradise and will enter into Hell forever. 

4- There are those sinful, big criminals who fabricate and invent hadiths about the Last Day to make it a mere marketplace of intercessions and intercessors which are assumed to be the means to get sinners out of Hell: “And they say, “The Fire will not touch us except for a number of days.” Say, “Have you received a promise from God – God never breaks His promise – or are you saying about God what you do not know?”” (2:80); “That is because they said, “The Fire will not touch us except for a limited number of days.” They have been misled in their religion by the lies they fabricated.” (3:24). Such big criminals are clergymen of all types who spread such lies and falsehoods and sell it to the naïve, gullible masses, and this way, they urge people to commit more sins and crimes since they feel that they can do freely so, within impunity, since there would be intercessors getting them out of Hell and making them enter into Paradise however many or grave their sins are!  

Thirdly: the big criminals, who are all clergymen/sheikhs, and their devilish trade:

1- During the era of Nasser in Egypt, trading in religion was not widespread and the religion known as Sunnite Wahabism was never dominant; a troupe of comedians who appeared on Egyptian TV in the 1960s made a joke to ridicule the swindlers who trade in religion to deceive the naïve, gullible masses out of their money; they amassed huge amounts of money into their pockets without any supervision; no one knew at the time how such money was collected and spent; this joke spread among all Egyptians at the time without fear: (A sheikh is using a loudspeaker to urge the faithful to donate money to contribute to the construction of a mosque in the tunnel of the Shubra district in Cairo; the tunnel was constructed but not yet the mosque; the Shoubra district was built and not yet the mosque!).
In Egypt, since the mid-1970s until now when the Wahabism of Satan have dominated, hundreds of thousands of harmful mosques have been built in Cairo, and all Egyptian cities, to propagate the Wahabi ideology of polytheism which spreads corruption on earth; among the hadiths spread by Wahabi clergymen is the one about those who earn a palace in Paradise by contributing to building mosques even if the spaces of such mosques are one square meter each! This hadith is very insulting to the Lord God; it is as if He were a contractor busy creating palaces for those who donate money to building mosques regardless of the donors/payers; i.e., if they are (not) sinful, tyrannical, polytheistic,…etc.

If Quranists in Egypt would ridicule such a silly hadith in public, they might be in grave danger since the Wahabi harmful mosques of Satan are filled with sinful sheikhs whose corrupt trade in religion includes protecting lies/hadiths by terrorism and violence to intimidate possible protesters or deniers who reject hadiths. Such harmful Wahabi mosques have caused the spread of beards, djellabas, hijab, niqab, puckered skin on foreheads of men (as if it were a sign of piety indicating prolonged prostrations!), moral bankruptcy, immorality, sexual harassment/molestation, rape, telling lies, hypocrisy, consuming ill-gotten money, giving/receiving bribes,…etc. All sinners among the Muhammadans who commit such sins and disobey the Lord God’s Quranic commands assume that they will enter into Paradise through the so-called intercession and as long as they obey and please their sheikhs/clergymen!       

2- There is a huge difference between corrupt merchants who cheat customers and tell them lies and the sheikhs/clergymen who sell lies and falsehoods they attribute to the Lord God; the corrupt merchants end up in prison and they are never respected by people; in contrast, the sheikhs/clergymen of the Muhammadans commit the gravest sin/injustice against the Lord God Himself by ascribing lies and falsehood to Him and to His Religion but they are deified, venerated, and sanctified by the vast majority of the masses. The crimes of the corrupt merchants end when they are imprisoned or when they die; people forget about them; in contrast, the falsehoods, lies, and deception of the sheikhs/clergymen of the Muhammadans, even after their death, continue to exist and negatively influence the masses.  

Fourthly: the bad and the good types of trade as far as the Religion of Islam (i.e., the Quran) is concerned:   Trading in religion is prohibited in Islam. The true, sincere preachers of the Truth are monotheists who seek only to gratify their Lord God and never receive money or rewards from anyone, and this is how they follow the footsteps of prophets and messengers of the Lord God; there are many Quranic verses about this topic. The preachers of the Quranic Truth never take money from anyone; rather, they pay Zakat and charity donations/contributions especially to serve the peaceful, intellectual jihad/call for the sake of the Lord God; again, there are many Quranic verses about this topic. The Lord God says the following in the Quran about the pious preachers of the Truth and their trade with their Lord God.

1- “God has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties in exchange for Paradise. They fight in God’s way, and they kill and get killed. It is a promise binding on Him in the Torah, and the Gospel, and the Quran. And who is more true to his promise than God? So rejoice in making such an exchange – that is the supreme triumph.” (9:111).

2- “And among the people is he who sells himself seeking God’s approval. God is kind towards the servants.” (2:207).

3- “In houses which God has permitted to be raised, and His name is celebrated therein. He is glorified therein, morning and evening. By men who neither trading nor commerce distracts them from God’s remembrance, and from performing the prayers, and from giving alms. They fear a Day when hearts and sights are overturned.” (24:36-37).

4- “Those who read the Book of God, and perform the prayer, and spend of what We have provided for them, secretly and publicly, expect a trade that will not fail.” (35:29).

5- “O you who believe! Shall I inform you of a trade that will save you from a painful torment? That you believe in God and His Messenger, and strive in the cause of God with your possessions and yourselves. That is best for you, if you only knew. He will forgive you your sins; and will admit you into gardens beneath which rivers flow, and into beautiful mansions in the Gardens of Eden. That is the supreme success. And something else you love: support from God, and imminent victory. So give good news to the believers.” (61:10-13).

Fifthly: devilish trade in all human communities:

1- This Quranic verse applies to those who buy and believe in distracting and fancy tales/narratives/hadiths of, for instance, Al-Shafei, Al-Kulayni, Al-Ghazaly, and Al-Bokhary: “Among the people is he who trades in distracting tales; intending, without knowledge, to lead away from God’s Path, and to make a mockery of it. These will have a humiliating torment.” (31:6).

2- This is a general Quranic rule about those sinners (i.e., big criminals who are clergymen or sheikhs) who conceal the Quranic Truth and manipulate Quranic verses and distort their meanings in return for money as this is their prohibited trade in religion: “Those who conceal what God revealed in the Book, and exchange it for a small price – those swallow nothing but fire into their bellies. And God will not speak to them on the Day of Resurrection, nor will He purify them, and they will have a painful torment. It is they who exchange guidance for misguidance, and forgiveness for torment. But will they bear patiently with the Hell-Fire?” (2:174-175); “Those who exchange the covenant of God, and their vows, for a small price, will have no share in the Hereafter, and God will not speak to them, nor will He look at them on the Day of Resurrection, nor will He purify them. They will have a painful torment.” (3:77).  

Sixthly: the types of those evil, unjust ones who trade in religion: The polytheists/disbelievers among the People of the Book in Arabia who were contemporaries of Muhammad:

1- The Lord God has warned them here: “…So do not fear people, but fear Me. And do not sell My Verses for a small price. …” (5:44); “…and do not exchange My Verses for a small price and fear Me within piety.” (2:41).

2- Of course, some of the People of the Book in Arabia were pious monotheists: “Among the People of the Book are those who believe in God, and in what was revealed to you, and in what was revealed to them. They are humble before God, and they do not sell God’s Verses for a small price. These will have their reward with their Lord. God is Swift in Judgment.” (3:199).

3- Some of the People of the Book in Arabia were sinful polytheists who sold the Lord God’s Verses for money and possessions of this transient world; the sheikhs/clergymen of the Muhammadans have followed their footsteps, of course. 

3/1: They have committed this grave sin despite the covenant/pledge made by them with the Lord God: “God received a pledge from those who were given the Book: “You shall proclaim it to the people, and not conceal it.” But they disregarded it behind their backs, and exchanged it for a small price. What a miserable exchange they made.” (3:187).

3/2: The sinful polytheists among them distorted their sharia laws as per their whims and interests; the Lord God has warned them in the Quran by addressing them directly here: “But here you are, killing your own, and expelling a group of your own from their homes – conspiring against them in wrongdoing and aggression. And if they come to you as captives, you ransom them, although it was forbidden to you.
Is it that you believe in part of the Book, and disbelieve in part? What is the reward for those among you who do that but humiliation in this life? And on the Day of Resurrection, they will be assigned to the most severe torment. God is not unaware of what you do. Those are they who bought the present life for the Hereafter, so the torment will not be lightened for them, nor will they be helped.” (2:85-86). The Lord God has told Muhammad the following about them: “Have you not considered those who were given a share of the Book? They buy misguidance, and wish you would be misguided from the Path.” (4:44).

3/3: During Muhammad’s lifetime when the Quran was being revealed gradually, they penned devilish, misguiding narratives/discourses (or hadiths) and ascribed them to the Lord God in order to misguide others; the Lord God has warned them here: “So woe to those who write the Book with their own hands, and then say, “This is from God,” that they may exchange it for a small price. Woe to them for what their hands have written, and woe to them for what they earn.” (2:79). This grave sin has also been committed by the imams/authors of the Muhammadans in all eras! The so-called companions who were the contemporaries of Muhammad in Arabia:

1- The hypocrites among them are warned here: “Those are they who have bartered misguidance for guidance, but their trade does not profit them, and they are not guided.” (2:16).

2- This is about the stubborn, disbelieving aggressors among the Arabs: “They traded away God’s Verses for a small price, so they barred others from His Path. How evil is what they did.” (9:9).

3- The Lord God has said the following to Muhammad about those Arabs who disbelieved after declaring their belief: “And do not be saddened by those who rush into disbelief. They will not harm God in the least. God desires to give them no share in the Hereafter. A terrible torment awaits them. Those who exchange disbelief for faith will not harm God in the least. A painful torment awaits them.” (3:176-177).  

Lastly:  Within the above points, we must bear in mind that the goods or merchandise sold by the clergymen/sheikhs of the Muhammadans are nothing but devilish hadiths; hence, their devilish trade in religion spreads corruption on earth and misguide people.      
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