Ok, If I am Ok !!!

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June 29, 2020

Ok, If I am Ok !!!

By: ASP Nik Ezanee

 1. When the topic of corruption comes up, people are quick to point
fingers and the usual suspects are the politicians and the police.

2. There are probably many good reasons why most fingers are pointed
to that few direction. Some may agree, some not. However, we can agree
that many people want this to change.

3. Have we checked in with ourselves lately? What I have notice is
that people are quick to point the mistakes of others, while condone
the very same mistake if it benefits them personally. Hence, “It is ok
if I am ok with it.”

4. It is NOT ok for Officials to accept gifts. But it is OK for me to
buy the Officials the latest Iphone 5 each to maintain good rapport
with them. Dinner, overseas trips, golf? karaoke sessions?

5. It is NOT ok for Police to accept bribe. But it is OK for me to
offer it to them to save my neck. (and later brag about it to friends
and family, “they even settled for $50”, “oh I paid $100, rather than
getting $300 ticket”)

6. It is NOT ok for ME to take bribes, but it is OK to ask my staff to
find sponsors for golf games, company events, overseas trips, birthday
gifts for bosses. “Sponsors” ??

7. It is NOT ok to take $100 from contractors like the previous guy!!
That is Corrupt and Arrogant! But it is OK to take $60.

8. It is NOT ok to ask for $100, but it is OK to receive $100 since it
was offered and not demanded.

9. It is NOT ok to accept bribe but it is OK to add extra milage on
that claim. How about that extra hours or ‘business lunch with
friends’ claim? How about using company’s property for personal use?
Car, helicopter, jets? Stationaries maybe?

10. It is NOT ok that politicians live lavishly but it is definitely
OK to hide some amount of my income from the IRB.

11. It is NOT ok for everyone else to do it.. But it is definitely OK
FOR ME to do it.

12. Change doesn’t mean you have go out there condemning everything
about our country.

13. Change starts from you and me.