Purity of Faith’s Message

article picked 4U by - Qadhi Tayeb

June 12, 2020

Purity of Faith’s Message

by Farouk A. Peru

To all the Muslims (including myself), be Quran-Centric not Hadith-Centric.

* Quran is the revelation from Allah not Hadith’s

* Quran is protected by Allah from corruption not Hadith’s

* The word Muslim is not title to assign it our self, it is be in state of Submission to our maker.

* We cannot call someone/a group of people/other community as unbelievers or disbelievers, its not our business but its Allah’s business

*Our Job is to share the message of Quran not to force/insult other beliefs

*Quran is independent of Hadith’s and it explains itself, to say hadith’s explain quran and how to pray/how to perform Hajj is equivalent to saying Quran is incomplete revelation ( Read the Quran carefully it explains about these topics)

*Do not divide the Deen into sects its not Quranic

*Do not let sunni and shia scholars to make you hate one another and other beliefs ( Saudi funded scholars is making you believe that Shia’s are killing sunni’s and increasing the hatred and causing more mischief)

*The stoning to death punishment/Blasphemy Law/execution of homosexuals is not Quranic

*Question everything which comes from non-quranic sources in the light of Quran

*Be happy to call yourself Muslim, not sunni/shia/salafi/barelvi/Ahmadhiyya, these are not Quranic and against the words of Allah ( Read 6:159, there are many verses not just one)

*Focus on things which are clear not the things which are not clear. There will be differences among people we are not robots to be inclined to identical beliefs but the foundation of the belief is clear and there will also be differences among different faith’s because of various reasons for reasons known only to Allah (Read Quran 3:7, Quran 5:48 and Quran 2:213)

This is not Quranist/modernist/secular/liberal/moderate view of Islam, this is Quranic view of Islam and let the Quran, the words of ALLAH speak for itself.

Quran chapter : 96:1-14

[96:1] Read! With the Name of your Lord Who created.
[96:2] Created man from a clinging substance.
[96:3] Recite! For, your Lord is the Most Generous.
[96:4] Who has taught the use of the pen.
[96:5] Taught man that which he did not know.
[96:6] Nay! Indeed, man transgresses all bounds,
[96:7] Because he sees himself self-sufficient.
[96:8] Behold, unto your Lord is the return.
[96:9] Have you seen the one who forbids
[96:10] A servant when he prays?
[96:11] Have you seen if he is upon guidance
[96:12] Or enjoins righteousness?
[96:13] Do you see how he disbelieved and turned away?
[96:14] Does he not know that Allah watches (everything)?

Do not do the same mistakes that fellow people of book (Jews/Christians/others) did, Jews focused on Talmud (words of men/scholars/Rabbi’s) instead of the Torah ( Hebrew bible, the first 5 books) , Christians who followed the letters/gospels attributed to Jesus’s disciples and Apostles instead of the words of Jesus. Quran is free from man-made cultures/traditions which abuse human beings.

Purity of Faith’s Message