Satan and the Worship of Whims and Desires

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July 6, 2020

Satan and the Worship of Whims and Desires

 Satan and the Worship of Whims and Desires  
  by – Ahmed S. Mansour
Published in July 29, 2019
Translated by: Ahmed Fathy      

there are no clergymen neither in the Divine Knowledge nor in the Celestial Religion of the Truth:
1- When two men, A. and B., engaged into hot political debates, A. whose views were refuted, accused B. angrily of insulting him by implying that he was an ignoramus. People must not mix between the topics of discussion and persons involved in a discussion. Debates must be objective without taking anything personally. Sometimes, irritable persons, when refuted, attack the others who refuted them within any discussions in order to cover up their own ignorance. Within discussions of any topics of research, serious researchers must be involved and never imposters or ignoramuses. True researchers are in quest of what is true/right regarding the topic in question; they do not care about who is right or wrong in their expressed opinions; they care only about reaching the truth. This is why discussions/dialogues among knowledgeable researchers are fruitful and profitable; they respect one another even if they hold different views. In contrast, ignoramuses who get involved in discussions defend themselves and their myths, and cover their ignorance when they get hurt when refuted, by attacking and leveling accusations against others and take things personally. This means ignoramuses follow their own desires and whims.   

2- At one time, in Egypt, we have published a series of articles about women in the life of the Abbasid caliph Harun Al-Rasheed; these articles were based on authoritative references/books of history. A man who hated our articles came to us to voice his protest; he told us that this caliph performed pilgrimage one year and conquered regions in the next year alternatingly all his life as per some historical narratives; this means he had no time for amorous conquests among female slaves and free women. Within our dialogue, we refuted his views and he felt embarrassed because of his ignorance; he shouted that we implied that he was an ignoramus; we told him we never said so and that we talk about this caliph as per authoritative books of history. This man left us immediately after directing hateful looks at our person, and we knew that unintentionally, we have made him become one of our foes!

3- At one time, in Egypt, we have published a series of articles about the promiscuity and immorality which spread during the Mameluke Era in Egypt, especially homosexual practices which are turned by Sufis as part of their terrestrial religion. A journalist attacked our person in one article, while asserting that our ‘great’ ancestors were neither homosexuals nor promiscuous heterosexuals. This article of his contained inciting/urging the Egyptian government to punish our person; this occurred indeed, and the wish of this journalist was fulfilled. Sadly, before punishing our person, no one made an effort to check the books of history and Sufism to make sure if we wrote about proven facts or mere lies. This is because the general cultural climate (or general whims/desires) at the time has favored (and, sadly, this applies until the present moment!) the sanctification and deification of ancestors. Within such a cultural climate, ignoramuses and ignorance reign supreme. It is a very serious problem when following whims and desires would be the dominant rule within research fields; this leads to the spread of ignorance, myths, and lies; this means that there would be no room for objective, scientific research. Hence, there should be no room for clergymen within the serious research related to fields of history and religion or any other fields.

4- The problem is more serious when whims and desires control and dominate over religion. Of course, Satan’s religion is based on following whims and desires; Satan tempts human beings to turn their whims and desires into deities/gods within devilish revelations. For instance, the Sunnite religion of Satan contains whims and desires of dominance, conquests, invasions, looting, etc., and this is exemplified in the cursed hadith about the ‘divine’ command to fight humanity worldwide until they convert! The Sufi religion of Satan contains whims and desires of dancing, amusement, and immorality/promiscuity, while making any desired practice as part of religious duties. The Shiite religion of Satan contains whims and desires of the Persian nationalistic culture/tendency and reviving Persian mythology and identity.

5- All clergymen of all terrestrial religions are ignoramuses who insist on spreading their myths, disguised as truths, among the masses. No one dares to discuss, contradict, or refute those ignoramuses who expect blind obedience from the gullible, naïve followers. For instance, one of those followers spent 50 years in deifying Al-Bokhary though he never read the book of hadiths by Al-Bokhary; when we have refuted and undermined Al-Bokhary and his book, this follower spent a good time cursing our person and promising us of Hell in the Hereafter as our fate. No one among the blind followers of ‘holy’ mythology cared to check the Al-Bokhary book and to use the Quran as the Criterion to judge the hadiths/lies of Al-Bokhary. The blind follower who cursed our person has not, in fact, defended Al-Bokhary; rather, he has defended his ignorance and himself; he did not want anyone to shake his self-image; he did not want to feel like an ignoramus or a jack-ass who spent 50 years of his life in deifying Al-Bokhary; by the way, this blind follower of Al-Bokhary was the head of Al-Azhar University at one time!

6- Following or worshiping whims and desires in religion is an abomination of Satan’s doing; i.e., this bad habit is invented by the Devil. More details on that topic are traced in the following points.  

Firstly: the Quranic meaning of whims/desires: whims and desires are against the reasoning minds:  
If human beings would use their reasoning minds to ponder and understand, they would neither prostrate before a statue, an idol, or a tomb/mausoleum of interred dead person whose body turned into dust, nor deify and sanctify human creatures like them that urinate, defecate, get sick, and die. Satan is the one who makes human beings lose their minds and fall into the trap of polytheism.

1- The Lord God says the following in the Quran: “…and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. He is to you an open enemy. He commands you to do evil and vice, and to say about God what you do not know.” (2:168-169). This is a warning against following the footsteps of Satan; the Devil has managed to deceive our ancestors, who were like cattle, and made them turn their devilish religion into unquestionable ‘holy’ pillars of religion; this is why their progeny refuse to follow the Quran as they follow the whims/desires instituted by their ancestors who were ignoramuses: “And when it is said to them, “Follow what God has revealed,” they say, “We will follow what we found our ancestors following.” Even if their ancestors understood nothing, and were not guided?” (2:170). Those ignoramuses/ancestors are described here: “The parable of those who disbelieve is that of someone who calls upon someone who hears nothing except screaming and yelling. Deaf, dumb, and blind – they do not understand.” (2:171).

2- Those disbelieving ancestors are worse than any of God’s creatures. We read the following in the Quran about disbelievers.

2/1: “The worst of animals to God are the deaf and dumb-those who do not reason.” (8:22).

2/2: “The worst of creatures in God’s view are those who disbelieve. They have no faith.” (8:55).

3- This is because they have turned their whims/desires into their deities/gods. The Lord God says the following in the Quran: “Have you seen him who took his desire as his god? Would you be a guardian for him? Or do you assume that most of them hear or understand? They are just like cattle, but even more errant in their way.” (25:43-44).  

Secondly: devilish whims/desires are against the Lord God:

1- Iblis, or Satan, has deified himself when he disobeyed and defied the Lord God: “…And he said, “I will take to myself my due share of Your servants.”” (4:118). Hence, devilish whims/desires are the bases for Satan’s terrestrial religions which contradict the Divine Truth based on the monotheism of (There is God but Allah).

2- We find the following Quranic response regarding the devilish whims/desires.

2/1: “If We wanted amusement, We could have found it within Us, were We to do so.” (21:17).

2/2: “If the truth conformed to their desires, the heavens, the earth, and everyone in them would have gone to ruin…” (23:71).  

Thirdly: devilish whims/desires are against the Divine Book:

1- This is about the Quran itself: “Follow what is revealed to you from your Lord, and do not follow other allies beside Him. Little you recollect.” (7:3). This means that we are to follow the Quran only and never any books besides it authored by the polytheistic allies of Satan: Al-Bokhary, Al-Shafei, Al-Ghazaly, Al-Kulayni… etc.

2- The Divine Truth has been revealed in all of the Celestial Messages granted to the Lord God’s messengers/prophets. The Lord God has said the following to David: “”O David, We made you a ruler in the land, so judge between the people with justice, and do not follow desire, lest it diverts you from God’s Path…” (38:26). This means that whims/desires are the opposites/antonyms of the Divine Truth and that following devilish whims/desires means being misguided by rejecting God’s Path.

3- This is about the Quranic Truth: “Nor does he speak out of desire. It is but a revelation revealed.” (53:3-4).  

Fourthly: sheikhs/imams of the clergymen of all ranks always follow devilish whims/desires:

1- Disbelievers adamantly refuse to follow the Celestial Quranic Guidance coming from the Lord God because they insist on following devilish whims/desires. Because the Quran is the Balance/Criterion, the Lord God has said the following to Muhammad: “But if they fail to respond to you, know that they follow their whims. And who is more lost than him who follows his whim without guidance from God? God does not guide the unjust people.” (28:50).

2- Because the Quran is the Divine Knowledge, the Lord God has said the following to describe those ignoramuses who follow devilish whims/desires without knowledge: “Yet the unjust ones follow their desires without knowledge. But who can guide whom God leaves astray? They will have no helpers.” (30:29).

3- This is a bad habit among the clergymen, in all eras and regions, who dominate the masses; they justify their existence in society by arguing about the Lord God as if they were His deputized spokespersons or mediators between Him and people. The Lord God says the following in the Quran.

3/1: “Among the people is he who argues about God without knowledge, and follows every defiant devil. It was decreed for him, that whoever follows him – he will misguide him, and lead him to the torment of Hell.” (22:3-4); here, we see that those misguided, disbelieving ignoramuses who follow their god, Satan, and the devilish whims/desires will enter into Hell.

3/2: “And among the people is he who argues about God without knowledge, or guidance, or an enlightening book.” (22:8); “…Yet among the people is he who argues about God without knowledge, without guidance, and without an enlightening book.” (31:20); here, we see that those misguided, disbelieving ignoramuses have no true celestial knowledge.

4- This is about despising imams/leaders of misguidance because they reject the Divine Truth and follow devilish whims/desires: “And relate to them the story of him to whom We delivered Our Verses, but he detached himself from them, so Satan went after him, and he became one of the misguided ones. Had We willed, We could have elevated him through them; but he clung to the ground, and followed his desires. His metaphor is that of a dog: if you chase it, it pants; and if you leave it alone, it pants. Such is the metaphor of the people who deny Our Verses. So tell the tale, so that they may ponder.” (7:175-176).

5- The Lord God says the following about imams/leaders of misguidance: “Have you considered him who has taken his desire for his god? God has knowingly led him astray, and has sealed his hearing and his heart, and has placed a veil over his vision. Who will guide him after God? Will you not reflect?” (45:23). This means they have deified their devilish whims/desires and rejected the Celestial Book of their Lord God. This sort of misguidance is typical of all Muhammadans of today; would not they reflect?!  

Fifthly: how Satan tempted the disobedient ones among the Israelites to make them worship their whims/desires:

1- They examined the Celestial Messages through the perspective of their devilish whims/desires; they arrogantly rejected what does not match their devilish whims/desires; they even murdered some prophets/messengers. The Lord God says the following in the Quran.

1/1: “…Is it that whenever a messenger comes to you with anything your souls do not desire, you grew arrogant, calling some impostors, and killing others?” (2:87).

1/2: “We made a covenant with the Israelites, and We sent to them messengers. Whenever a messenger came to them with what their souls did not desire, some of them they accused of lying, and others they put to death.” (5:70).

2- Their devilish whims/desires urged them to murder those non-prophets who advocate justice among the people: “As for those who disbelieve God’s Verses, and kill the prophets unjustly, and kill those who advocate justice among the people – promise them a painful torment. They are those whose deeds will come to nothing, in this world and in the Hereafter; and they will have no supporters.” (3:21-22). It is noteworthy that death threats/fatwas against our person continue until now because we, in our Quranist writings, advocate justice among the people!  

Sixthly: the Lord God has commanded Muhammad to adhere only to the Holy Quran by never following the devilish whims/desires of Arabs and the People of the Book in Arabia:

1- The Lord God has told Muhammad the following about the disbelievers among the People of the Book in Arabia.

1/1: “The Jews and the Christians will not approve of you, unless you follow their creed. Say, “God’s guidance is the guidance.” Should you follow their desires, after the knowledge that has come to you, you will have in God neither guardian nor supporter.” (2:120).

1/2: “…And if you were to follow their whims, after the knowledge that has come to you, you would be in that case one of the unjust ones.” (2:145).

1/3: “And We revealed to you the Book, with truth, confirming the Scripture that preceded it, and superseding it. So judge between them according to what God revealed, and do not follow their desires if they differ from the truth that has come to you…” (5:48).

1/4: “And judge between them according to what God revealed, and do not follow their desires. And beware of them, lest they lure you away from some of what God has revealed to you. But if they turn away, know that God intends to strike them with some of their sins. In fact, a great many people are corrupt.” (5:49).

1/5: “…And do not follow the whims of those who deny Our Verses, and those who do not believe in the Hereafter, and those who equate others with their Lord.” (6:150).

1/6: “To this go on inviting, and be upright as you were commanded, and do not follow their whims, and say, “I believe in whatever Book God has sent down, and I was commanded to judge between you equitably. God is our Lord and your Lord…” (42:15).

2- The Lord God has commanded Muhammad never to follow the devilish whims/desires of disbelieving Arabs.

2/1: “Say, “I am forbidden from worshiping those you pray to besides God.” Say, “I will not follow your desires; else I would be lost and not be of those guided.”” (6:56).

2/2: “…Were you to follow their desires, after the knowledge that has come to you, you would have neither ally nor defender against God.” (13:37).

2/3: “…And do not obey him whose heart We have made heedless of Our remembrance – so he follows his own desires…” (18:28).

2/4: “And do not let him who denies it and follows his desire turn you away from it, lest you fall.” (20:16).

3- This following is, in general, about those who follow their devilish whims/desires.

3/1: “Then We set you upon a pathway of faith, so follow it, and do not follow the whims of those who do not know.” (45:18).

3/2: “Is he who stands upon evidence from his Lord, like someone whose evil deed is made to appear good to him? And they follow their own desires?” (47:14).  

Seventhly: commands addressed to monotheistic believers concerning not to follow devilish whims/desires:

1- This is addressed to the People of the Book: “Say, “O People of the Book! Do not exaggerate in your religion beyond the truth; and do not follow the whims of people who went astray before, and misled many, and themselves strayed off the balanced way.”” (5:77).

2- This is addressed to monotheists in general.

2/1: About saying words pertaining to justice: “O you who believe! Stand firmly for justice, as witnesses to God…So do not follow your desires, lest you swerve. If you deviate, or turn away – then God is Aware of what you do.” (4:135).

2/2: About food legislations: “And why should you not eat of that over which the Name of God is pronounced, when He has detailed for you what is prohibited for you, unless you are compelled by necessity? Many lead astray with their whims, through lack of knowledge. Your Lord knows best the transgressors.” (6:119).  

Eighthly: the vast majority of human beings follow devilish whims/desires:

1- This is a Quranic generality about most human beings: “They lied, and followed their whims, but everything has its time.” (54:3).

2- This following is about the era of Muhammad.

2/1: About the gods/deities of Arabs: “These are nothing but names, which you have devised, you and your ancestors, for which God sent down no authority. They follow nothing but assumptions, and what the ego desires, even though guidance has come to them from their Lord.” (53:23).

2/2: About the hypocrites of Yathreb: “Among them are those who listen to you, but when they leave your presence, they say to those given knowledge, “What did he say just now?” Those are they whose hearts God has sealed, and they follow their own desires.” (47:16).

3- The above is about Muhammad’s era when the Quran was being revealed; what about the case of the Muhammadans of today?!  

Lastly: about the Hereafter:  
Those who restrained themselves from devilish whims/desires will enter into Paradise in the Hereafter; the Lord God says the following in the Quran: “As for him who was defiant. And preferred the life of this world. Then Hell is the shelter. But as for him who feared the Standing of his Lord, and restrained the self from desires. Then Paradise is the shelter.” (79:37-41). As always, the Lord God says nothing but the Absolute Truth.
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