Slaves of Men in the name of God

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June 29, 2020

Slaves of Men in the name of God

This is nothing new. All through the history of humankind, there are many who are willing to become slaves of men in the name of God.

A belief in God is supposed to give a sense of confidence in existence, a sense of being free from the tyranny of men, a sense of gratitude for life and a sense of being good. These are some of the values and aspirations of most religions. It is equally supposed to bring inner peace to humans through the special and personal relationship with their creator/God.
In the realm of faith however, logic and rational thinking often takes a back seat as opposed to the mysterious “heart”. Hence, not every conduct that is carried out in the name of religion can be explained logically. Emotions tend to be stronger than rational or scientific thought and therefore the need for proof is often dispensed with. It is almost impossible to debate with emotions.

Slavery can take many forms. One of the highest level of slavery to me is when a person gives up his thinking and his right to mould his life to someone else or a group of others.  This often happens in religion.
All forms of conduct and living which in a civilised society may be considered as primarily a private matter becomes the subject of control in a religious society . Most of these restrictions on speech, dressing, diet, thought, general behaviour and socialisation are often determined exclusively by a few men in the name of God for the vast ignorant majority. 
These few elitist men, often portrayed as knowledgable due to their attendance at certain universities or mastery of certain information and language are held in high regard almost to the level of a god when it comes to the force with which thier views are expected to be complied with. 

Often any dissent against the views of these select elitist religious groups are met with a finality of punishment including the cruel method of social and legal ostracisation.  Increasingly, due to fear of being ostracised and the unpleasant repercussions that may follow, these elitist group solidify their position as controllers of human behaviour in the name of God. People relent because they want to get on with their lives not realising that they have become slaves to a few human masters.

The position of the elitist groups as the only spokesman for all things Godly often begins with the indoctrination of children – either at home or in schools. These children are taught that there are certain “knowledgable religious persons” whose views are never to be questioned.  These children also are taught that in matters of religion, many things can be imposed or forced upon them without the need for explanation or acceptance.  
Religion hence becomes a powerful tool to control humans.
It has the power to make slaves of men to other men who speak in the name of God.
Peace !reli