The difference between doctrinal skepticism and method skepticism

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May 7, 2022

“The Question between Doctrinal Skepticism and method Skepticism”

Doctrinal.. a preconceived mental attitude, which the individual accepts in an absolute way, and each situation he is exposed to is subject to his preconceived ideas and opinions, both partial and total.

As for the methodology, it is a practical system and a behavioral practice that the individual uses towards the ideas, opinions, and attitudes to which he is exposed, in order to take a mental, non-prejudiced stance regarding them.

So there is a difference between the doctrine of doubt..or doctrine skepticism, and the methodology of doubt..or systematic skepticism.

The first is used in fanatic partisan education, which sees only itself, and looks at it with absolute truth, which there is no doubt about.. and the other is The absolute evil which is the subject of doubt, and everything that comes out of it is wrong, and it is not permissible to accept it.

Systematic skepticism, or the methodology of skepticism, is a right guaranteed to man by God, and it is not permissible to place it under control, and its owner is not considered outside the laws of truth and the universe, and it is not a crime or violation when the individual commits it and is held accountable for it.

And had this been false, God Almighty would not have permitted it for his prophets who are known to be infallible, especially with regard to God’s right, belief and religion.

The Almighty said on the tongue of Abraham, “Lord, show me how you revive the dead.” He said, “Did you not believe?” He said, “Yes, but to reassure my heart.”

This speech leads to an important fact, which is that evidence and proof are the masters of judgments, and the strongest pillars of the truth..

It is proof to demonstrate it, and there is no shame in asking to support it with evidence and evidence..

But the false position is the one that lacks support, evidence and proof, and therefore is afraid of being demonstrated by that.

Therefore, when Islam established in the economic system the principle of accountability, “Where did you get this from?” It did not detract from the sincerity and honesty of the companionship, and all people after them.

Rather, it came to protect them from what the sayings say, to preserve their cleanliness of soul and hand, before preserving people’s money.

Many people today, especially the influential among them, who have occupied high or low positions, cannot stand the principle of questioning, arguing that questioning is a suspicion, and suspicion is not permissible against them, because they are above suspicion.