The difference between trading and subjugation in the name of religion

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May 7, 2022

The difference between trading in the name of religion and subjugation in the name of religion

By sameh oscar

Feb 23 2018

First: Trading in religion means that beliefs are considered currency with which you can buy any interest. If you hate music, for example, and you see that it is in your interest not to listen to it, say that it is forbidden… The origin is that you hate it and do not appreciate its beauty, so you used religion (as a currency) to achieve this..

As for oppression in the name of religion: it is the same situation, but instead of saying music is forbidden to you immediately, play the Qur’an loudly to put your opponent in a choice between his desire and your desire.

Traditional Muslims would raise the Qur’an in the elections, against opposing parties so Nothing will be raised against it, because no book is higher than the Qur’an

Traditional Muslims behavior at time combines (trading in religion and subjugating it) in the end, you seek to achieve your desire or your interests in the shortest way and without getting tired or even without an argument. Directly to achieve interests with minimal effort..

An important thing: that illiterate societies do not pay attention to these abnormal behaviors, in an enlightened and open society, if you want to play the Qur’an loudly, you will soon find people swearing at you (lower the volume) not because of the hatred of the Qur’an, but because human freedoms are protected, and by your behavior you force them to be like you, while If he wants to listen to the Qur’an, then at home or with special headphones.. this is not the case if the listener is not a Muslim in the first place..

But among the Arabs, as soon as you say to him lower the voice, the person looks at you as if you hate him or want to provoke a quarrel, and the reason is that he does not understand the issue of freedoms or religion from its foundation themselves and believe that they are agents of God to guide people..

so they view every opponent as a stray..this reckless behavior spread after the spread of Islamic groups in the mid-sixties, before that issues of freedoms were safeguarded..

you read or not..you hear or not.. This is up to you.

I emphasize once again, do not let anyone sell you religion to buy their interests, or oppress you in the name of religion, people’s culture changes with the uprising of the group or with a general trend, and with the slightest effect, societies change and people distinguish between these ugly actions and normal behavior.