The plight of the world’s geniuses with Muslims

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June 16, 2022

Ahmed Aseed

The geniuses of the world live a real ordeal with Muslims, not during their lives full of wonderful achievements, but after their death, where they find themselves deprived of the Muslims’ “prayer” for them for mercy, and exposed to youthful insults and hysterical insults.

Muslims do this believing that God will turn away all the great conquests and sacrifices that these geniuses have achieved, and will bring down His wrath on them to please the Muslims.

Although all of these Muslims represent only one out of seven of the world’s population, they believe that God does not listen to anyone but them, and only cares about their prayers, because they are the only ones on the “correct” religion, and others are in error.

The psychology of a Muslim needs careful psychological analysis, as all his emotional attitudes are mostly due to an urgent desire to take revenge on the whole era, because he is outside him and does not contribute to anything. He does not recognize what has been achieved without him, because time stopped for him centuries ago, and he does not accept to join the ranks because he believes that whoever leads the journey is less valuable than him.

Muslims hate the great geniuses of the world because they are not among them, and they are not on their religion, because for them religion is all that they have, and they have the standard for everything, while the greats of the world prove that a person can make huge strides in the path of humanity without the need for any of the religions.

And when a genius appears among the Muslims, and tries to make them change their way of thinking, they attack him without mercy, deny all his past efforts, incite against him and defame him, as happened to the Egyptian chemist Ahmed Zewail, winner of the Nobel Prize in 1999, when he criticized the mentality of inertia and followers and demanded the development of research The true scientific in the laboratories instead of talking about the “scientific miracle of the Qur’an,” as they did centuries ago with all the Muslim geniuses who lived through real ordeals with the jurists of tradition, and are still flogged in their graves to this day.

But don’t we have the right to ask the following question: Why do Muslims skimp on the greats of the world praying for mercy when they do not even know whether their supplications are acceptable to God or not?

We say this because we notice that they have been calling for good for themselves and evil and destruction for others, while others are increasing in prosperity, superiority and happiness, and Muslims do not stop descending to the lowest level of civilization, rather their countries are models of ruin and chaos.

Here is an attempt to answer the puzzling question:

Muslims do not accept that a good deed is rewarded for it except within the framework of their faith, just as they have their own concept of righteousness that they do not share with others. It benefits them from non-Muslims, and in the best case, they consider it “subjected by God to serve them”!.. That is why they are backward, and they always live in misery.