The problem of the traditional Muslim religious mind and its danger

article picked 4U by - ibnalqadhi

June 30, 2022

The problem of the religious mind and its danger, that it is always immersed in re-interpretation and explanation of the religious text, and there is no intellectual product for it outside this framework,

and it cannot be imagined that the interpretation of social, human and scientific phenomena in isolation from the religious text and often books of worn heritage,

usually the beginning of life for the religious mind is the beginning of the download, The sanctity of the text has become automatically applied to the explanation and interpretation and all the books of the ancient heritage, so that even the explanations and interpretations become sacred.

The religious mind derives from the text that its life is an ordained course path, that he is unable to change, and the result is that the mind drowned in sanctifying the text and heritage books is unable to absorb knowledge and is unable to Integration and adaptation in other societies, and believes that his duty is to return the concepts, values ​​and behavior of these societies to the pre-civilization and civilization ….