The sanctification of most Muslims of Mohammad made them at the bottom of the lowly

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June 18, 2022

Ramadan Abdul Rahman

On Tuesday 19 May 2015

The sanctification of most Muslims for the seal of the messengers made them at the bottom of the low

The Seal of the Messengers, was one of the misguided, so God, Lord of the worlds, guides him to his straight path. We are here not in the matter of preferring a prophet over a prophet or a messenger over a messenger or an ordinary person over another ordinary person in a matter that is better with God and who is more pious with God and this applies to all human beings since Adam To the last human being to be created Natural, sane, educated, and conscious human being must know that which is not in the domain of humans, no matter how much knowledge and equipment they possess.

It is not possible to know who is better with God than humans other than the one who created all human beings, because God is the one who knows the secrets of all people and He is the one who knows What we hide and what we reveal. Nothing is hidden from God in the heavens and the earth. We are only mentioning the reason why most Traditional Muslims fall behind. Their sanctification of the Seal of the Messengers without knowledge and without awareness is a transgression of one of God’s rights.

And we will put on this subject and you will witness verses from the signs of God, and we will mention some of the Messengers and the prophets, so that we all know that it is not our right to make a prophet over a prophet, not even we can make ourselves smart. All prophets and messengers.

(those who avoid major sins and shameful deeds, despite ˹stumbling on˺ minor sins. Surely your Lord is infinite in forgiveness. He knew well what would become of you as He created you from the earth1 and while you were ˹still˺ fetuses in the wombs of your mothers.2 So do not ˹falsely˺ elevate yourselves. He knows best who is ˹truly˺ righteous)

(al-najm 32)

Then God says in the following verse: He warns those who speak against God

{Have you not seen those who purify themselves, but rather God purifies whom He wills, and they do not wrong a wicked person?} An-Nisa 49

And because most Muslims do not understand the Great Quran of God, they invent money against God for which no sultan has descended. God Almighty says

(The Messenger ˹firmly˺ believes in what has been revealed to him from his Lord, and so do the believers. They ˹all˺ believe in Allah, His angels, His Books, and His messengers. ˹They proclaim,˺ “We make no distinction between any of His messengers.” And they say, “We hear and obey. ˹We seek˺ Your forgiveness, our Lord! And to You ˹alone˺ is the final return.)”

(al-baqara 285)

And if the verse begins with addressing the Messenger himself, he should adhere to that and announce this to all people, so that there is no falsehood after that and slanders God and His Messenger, and says that Muhammad Ibn Abdullah is the best of the Messengers, and he is the intercessor who will save the nation of Muhammad from fire, judgment, and torment.

So why did God even mention to us that there is bliss and hell, since the matter will be like this as most Traditional Muslims and nations before them live in delusion and slander against God and His Messenger in common? We do not believe in anyone when the Qur’an spoke about some of the prophets and messengers, all of them, peace be upon them, God said about them in general

(We have chosen some of those messengers above others.1 Allah spoke directly to some, and raised some high in rank. To Jesus, son of Mary, We gave clear proofs and supported him with the holy spirit.2 If Allah had willed, succeeding generations would not have fought ˹among themselves˺ after receiving the clear proofs. But they differed—some believed while others disbelieved. Yet if Allah had willed, they would not have fought one another. But Allah does what He wills) (Al-Baqarah 253)

(Al-Baqarah 253)

The one who created the universe with everything in it did not tell us that so-and-so is the best for him, so how come most Muslims have not yet understood the crystal clear words of God, and they say about God that the seal of the messengers is the best with God even though there was no warning more than once and reprimand and other topics urging The Messenger should not do this matter after such-and-such, by way of example but not limited to…

God did not say to any Messenger before Al-Duha (Makkiah) 11

(By the morning sunlight, and the night when it falls still! Your Lord ˹O Prophet˺ has not abandoned you, nor has He become hateful ˹of you˺. And the next life is certainly far better for you than this one. And ˹surely˺ your Lord will give so much to you that you will be pleased. Did He not find you as an orphan then sheltered you? Did He not find you unguided then guided you? And did He not find you needy then satisfied your needs? As for the orphan, do not be subdued (9) And as for the beggar, do not revolt , And as for the grace of your Lord, speak up ) (ad-duhaa)

Then he came to the Seal of the Messengers with other warnings, for example, He says, “Exalted be He.”

(O Prophet, why did you not forbid what God made lawful for you, seeking the pleasure of your wives, and God is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful?) (al-tahrim 1)

The most honorable character, the best of character, and I am the best of character, etc. Is it not enough for most Muslims who sanctify the Messenger himself, even to God, because of their backwardness, and this is what made them the lowest of the low, then how can a Messenger say to him, his Lord He says come to the messengers himself and to those who understand after him until the end of the hour

(Had the Messenger made up something in Our Name, We would have certainly seized him by his right hand, then severed his aorta, and none of you could have shielded him ˹from Us˺!, Indeed, this ˹Quran˺ is a reminder to those mindful ˹of Allah˺. And We certainly know that some of you will persist in denial)

(al-haggah 44- )

Then what will you benefit as a person, whether it is Adam himself or any messenger or an ordinary person? He is the best in the sight of God. What will return to you if you comprehend God’s words, and God has said in many of His verses?

((Say, ˹O Prophet,˺ “Should I seek a lord other than Allah while He is the Lord of everything?” No one will reap except what they sow. No soul burdened with sin will bear the burden of another. Then to your Lord is your return, and He will inform you of your differences))

(al-anaam 164)

And what most of the sanctified Muslims do not know the Seal of the Messengers, and they abandoned the sanctification of the One, the Subduer, and became from collapse to collapse that God did not send the Messenger and the Final Message.

{And We have not sent you except as a mercy to the worlds} Al-Anbiya 107,

meaning for everyone who knows that there is a God who sent this Messenger and the message together. The basis of their actions and in the end is the work of either good or evil, and imagine the one who will hold all people accountable.

You will not lose the weight of an atom. God Almighty says:

{Indeed, an atom’s weight is not wronged, and if it is good, he will multiply it and give from Himself a great reward} An-Nisa 40

The great catastrophe that afflicts most human beings, the common people and the non-public, Muslims and non-Muslims, sects, denominations, sects and beliefs in various parts of the earth and on all colors, and from ancient times until now, you hear many in this matter. He has reached knowledge in any field, is it possible for the whole world, with all its devices, sciences and scales, to know what is the unit of the scale of the atom, or how much is it?

And in the end, to serve people and humanity and not submit to the Lord of people, for you are the most stupid of people, and you were dishonest about yourself in the test of the life of this world.