Why do Christians and Jews not accept our Islam?

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June 19, 2022

Written by: thinker and advisor Ahmed Abdo Maher

Lawyer in cassation, international arbitrator and Islamic writer

Why do Christians and Jews not accept our Islam?

Our Muslim ancestors.

How much they have wronged God, and how much they have wronged Islam, so they invaded countries and plundered their wealth in the name of Islamic conquests that were not ordered by Islam or the Messenger of Islam.

And they found those who call them righteous predecessors (forefathers), despite what they had done of shedding blood in the name of Islam.

• Imagine that if you are a young man, you will be defending your country:

Either they will kill you if they capture you; or to sell you. Or accept their Islam, which they impose on you.

• If you are a civilian, not a combatant, they give you a choice between two things:

1. That you change your religion to become a Muslim overnight without them understanding what Islam is.

2. Or you remain on your religion on the condition that you pay them a dismal tax while you are humiliated and belittled.

• Your daughters and children are taken into captivity, so your wife or daughter becomes the concubine of a bearded immoral who has intercourse with her and says that this is the ruling by what God has revealed.

• Your children work as servants for them or enjoy them, or sell those who do not need it in slave markets, and they are convinced that this disgraceful behavior is the rule of God.

Then you will be distinguished, and you will wear the sash [waist belt] and your wife who is not suitable for intercourse wears. [I mean, if she is an old woman] the iron collar around her neck, and your house will be marked with a sign so that no one calls for good for the people of this house.

They force you to the narrowest roads when you walk in the streets.

And they do not start you with greetings of peace.

They do not allow you to walk with a Christian or Jew in groups.

Rather, you walk in the streets and streets alone, humiliated.

Generally speaking, the following will happen to you in the name of God’s law:

The list below lists “some” aspects of this discrimination that non-Muslims “must” follow:
1. They are prohibited from riding horses, although they are allowed to ride donkeys.
2. They are prohibited from riding donkeys on saddle, although they are allowed to ride on a saddlebag.
3. They are not allowed to ride the veil (a cloth stirrup) unless their feet hang from one side of the donkey.
4. They are not allowed to shave normally, but the front of their heads must be shaved.
5. They are prevented from being at the fore in the councils.
6. It is forbidden to stand for them in councils.
7. They must tighten the girdle (belt) on their waist.
8. It is forbidden to start them with peace, or how’ve you became, or evening, or how are you.
9. It is forbidden to congratulate them, or to console them, or to visit them (visiting them when sick), or to witness their feasts.
10. They are prohibited from walking in the middle of the road and obliged to walk next to the wall.
11. They are prohibited from building new churches or places of worship.
12. They are prohibited from renovating a church that has been destroyed, or demolished, even if it has been unjustly demolished.
13. They prevent their building from being higher than a Muslim building.
14. They are prohibited from showing wine and pork, and if they did, it would be destroyed.
15. They are prohibited from displaying a bell, or speaking (reciting) out their book.
16. They are prevented from raising a voice over a dead person, and from reading the Qur’an.
17. They are prevented from showing, eating and drinking during the day in Ramadan.
18. They are prohibited from entering mosques, even if a Muslim permits them.
19. They are prohibited from entering the (public) bathrooms unless they tie a jingle (ie a bell) or a lead ring around their necks.
20. They are prohibited from converting from Christianity to Judaism, or from Judaism to Christianity.
21. The blood of a dhimmi (non-muslim under islamic rule) is wasted and his money is desecrated if he refuses to pay the jizya.
22. The blood of a dhimmi is wasted and his money is desecrated (forefeited) if he refuses to accept his insult while paying the jizya.
23. They do not sit in the presence of a Muslim and are not revered.

This came in the book Al-Rawd Al-Murabba, with the explanation of Zad Al-Mustaqni’, the summary of Al-Muqni’, in the jurisprudence of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal, and for your information it is taught in Al-Azhar mosque/university in egypt.

Our righteous predecessors did not differentiate between the meaning of [People of the Book] and the meaning of [Those who were given the Book]. they did not differentiate between those who were at peace among the People of the Book and those who fought us among the People of the Book.

• Do you recognize the conquest of the country by force of arms in the name of the Islamic conquests?

• Do you behave this brutally with people to coerce them to convert to Islam?

• Do those who did this deserve the title of [Salaf Saleh] righteous predecessors (forefathers) or jurists?

• Is it correct to call these behaviors the law of God?

Don’t you see that the Qur’an does not call for all of this. So what can we call the Islam of the predecessors?

These were the actions of our righteous predecessors and what our sheikhs recommended from the jurisprudence of the righteous predecessors. In the end, they tell us that Islam was not spread by the sword and that the Islamic conquests are from God’s law, and they tell us with pride as we listen while we open mouths from the courage of our ancestors and the strength of our Islamic armies.

But this idiocy does not prevent us from cursing ISIS.

We are only revolting for ourselves, but we are very interested in killing people so that they may convert.

It is the culture and jurisprudence of the Arabs.

It is the way they know about calling with wisdom and good advice.

Do not be surprised when others hate you from the people of other boredom.